Snippets Garnered from Nature’s Reflections…


butterflies flutter in
graffiti taffeta, cradled on
smiling scented rosebuds
and docile violets,
that opens its satin arms
to breathe fragrance.

starry constellations
etch dreams
with stardust fingertips,
peacocks dancing
to tempest’s symphony,
with their fanning plume
brocaded by nature’s needle.

singing cuckoo
is anonymously hidden behind,
verdant foliage,
elusive rainbow is spun
on clouds’ loom,
threaded in shades of vibgyor.

sunflower with
lovelorn eyes for amour sun,
is smiling softly,
as vermilion blush of dawn,
is reflected over turquoise bosom
of rippling lake.

echoing sonata
in cerulean notes from lips
of splashing tides of brine,
is soft rhapsody
reverberating when cascades
runs down stairwell of shingles
on silver tipped stilettos.

salsa of fireflies
that dance in delight, on arms
of boughs drenched in kohl,
and quaint strain
of cicadas that adorns
silence of colorful crepuscule.

are all trifling gifts
from veranda of nature,
snippets of photographic moments
are captured in
variegated shades to felicitate
the beauties of nature…


lyrics scribbled on dried leaves…



lattices of interlacing veins
etched on bosom of fluttering leaves
are orphaned from reluctant boughs,
by an infringing, cruel autumn.

fractured swansong of fall
reverberates in potpourri breeze
in broken lyrics,
barely legible on mottled leaves,
as faded manuscripts~
steepled in transience
of whimsical shades of dusk.

versatile are
the songs of foliage,
crooning lullabies to the moon–
indifferent and preoccupied,
singing aubades to sunflowers
~simpering in virgin sunlight,
the lucidity of their notes
lost in ambiguous rustles
born of winds playing on them
melodies like on piano keys.

burnished by relentless sunrays
leaves are scribed in honeydew poetry,
and even the withered yellows
fluttering in cinnamon draft,
softly voice their elusive verses
garnered from oxymoron nature…

Vignettes Splashed in Verdure…


chartreuse modesty
of unfurled auxiliary bud,
smiles shyly 
under honeyed warmth
of virgin sunshine,
bejeweled in
sparkling beads of dew.

slimy smudges on 
wet walls of days bygone,
velvet patches of nature
trying to fill cracks
of ancient walls,
or to prevent all
unsung legends of past  
from pouring through
lips of old walls eager
to tell those untold tales.

deep waters
silent as past’s whispers
of blue-green lagoon,
mirroring the amoebic clouds
sailing on azure heights,
is a poetry of serenity
writ in the language
of whirling ripples.

within embrace
of the green woods,
brocaded in
flutters of myriads of birds,
hurry of scurrying squirrels,
fragrances of wildflowers,
and braided shadows
nature stretches
her limbs to caress
the contours of quietude.

Versatile are the Definitions of Love…


love has
many degrees
and myriad levels,

a sweet child,
held close 
in its mother’s arms,
is like the love
of sun-rays for dew
and soon evanesced.

one’s own child,
of one’s own sinews
and womb,
is like nurturing love
of cotyledons
for tender embryo,
or of sepals 
for petals yet to 
unfurl into flower.

a friend is
like the love of
butterflies and roses,
of grass blades and dew
and of flamingos
with blooming lotuses,
a love that binds
the unlike
with bonds of

a sweetheart
is like the eternal love
of purple twilight
for cricket’s evensong
and of starlight
and dancing glowworms,
of moonbeams
and lovelorn oysters.

Her angst stains twilight in purple bruises…


Her eyes are charcoal smudges,
twin, vacant potholes
floating with muddy thoughts,
which had once wept
only the idiosyncrasies of onions
~ peeled and quartered,
now they are mystical depths
where nights curl obscure angst.

Naiveté covered her dimples
in soft shadows,
dappling her face in photon-dust
of innocent, artless freckles,
while every dawn
was a chrysalis of intrigue
defined in emerging hues
vivid in their resplendence.

A paradox unfolds in life,
as antonyms are juxtaposed
in an uncomplicated existence,
which becomes a bitter-sour piccalilli
barely gulped down a flinching tongue,
she now sees with intuitive sorrow
in crescent moon, melted desires,
erased by silhouettes of pain.

Splintering glass bangles of dreams
into fragments of futility,
their clinking pieces ripping
her shocked gloom in tatters,
she was a bird of maimed emotions
with wings which refuse
to fly, shackled by sneering fear.

Bruising kisses blaspheme her love
as marauding fingers sully
the soul of her virgin fidelities,
muting her serrated cries of pain
she must endure his touch
and his torturing humiliations,
pledged to him by nuptial vows.

Her days are yellowed pages,
dogeared by tentacles of epithets
voiced in sarcasm and anger,
her aspirations withering
like burnished leafage in autumn,
as she is the cursed daffodil,
throttled by chill of snowflakes
in uncharitable, harsh realms of winter,
when she deserved honeydew spring.

Sighs roll off her tongue in despair
as she accepts inflicted pain,
her tears frosting clarity of smiles
now an apparition of reluctance,
while deft strokes of her concealer
seek to cover bruising violets of pain…

Poetry is Born…

as moonbeam’s quill
brushes bosom
of violet ocean in
sheaves of shimmers,
breathing pearls
into oysters’ uteri.

poetry flows
from my pen’s nib
like a dream reborn,
a fountain 
rippling out to
vent pent up emotion.

with feelings
finding diaphanous wings
of flowery verse,
poetry soars the skies
of expression.

and as mute hope
finds voice in poetry,
and love’s shades
as wisteria on vines
and wildflowers
on foothills clad in velvet,
in sinews of verse.

I find a new way
to embroider life’s pages…


Hyacinth’s Surreal Whispers


blossom born
of unprecedented
that befell
Apollo, triggered
by Zephyrus’s envy,

petals tainted
e’en eons later,
by blood of
juvenile innocence,
and tears of 
a disconsolate friend,

its freshness,
and fidelity, 
nascent poignancy
of love unrequited

into crisp air
of vagrant spring,
strewn in moths
of promiscuity,
fickle butterflies of 
pretentious infatuations, 

an apostrophe 
of angst, highlighted
despite, faded
inscriptions, obscured
o’er bosoms of 
fossilized papyrus,
lingers over mute
reminiscent of 
Ajax’s insane frenzy
as his frozen 
sigh, of impotent regret,

a bloom 
of rebirth,
morsel of satiety
for starved soul,
borrowing lavishly
from nature’s palette,
messages in 
wind’s receptive ears-

a blue flower
speaks of integrity,
purple of woe
and amnesia’s respite,

white confesses
undying love,
a blossom symbolic of 
beauty unsullied,
and prayers sublime,

red and pink 
recall flirtatious 
play, with one enamored
cherished moments 
of abbreviated love,

and yellow blazes,
ranting in jealousy
as eyes of heliotrope
caress Apollo in 
mesmerized reverence…