The Cafe


Aroma of cappuccino
freshly brewed,
tiptoes out
with garbled verbiage
of conversation scented
in stale scones
and cigarette smoke~

decadent platter
of dark chocolate pastries,
lures sugar-lorn eyes
of gluttony…


Café au lait moments…


café au lait moments
frothy, bittersweet and creamy
flavored in variegated thoughts
peppered in sugar granules
blending with moody coffee spoonfuls

~are whispers of a carefree youth
when thoughts hopscotched
through redolent sunshine
and rain-song laced rainbows,

playing peek-a-boo through oriels
of intrigue and adventure,
casting dices in virgin oblivion
to challenge uncertain fate,

letting versicolor balloons
kiss austere and cornflower horizons
like myriads of potpourri emotions
scattering themselves–

their shades
painted o’er bland chiaroscuro
of mixed feeling existence
~a dusk frozen within
a bubble of time.

caffeine is
a calligraphy of hues,
it breathes fragrance in sinews
of a drab chequered verses
born of juvenile imaginations,
filling freshness
within drooping eyelids
of long, languid hours…

Winter is An Old Woman…


is an old woman,
her face mapped in wrinkles
like frostbitten verbs,

She sits
on her haunches at dawn,
gathering citrus-scented dewdrops
from grass blades,
while painting her dreams
as azaleas in watercolors on
hydrangea skies.

are christmas baubles
simpering treacle smiles in
the lukewarm sunshine,
hung on verdant limbs
of frozen pines,
adorning each silent apostle
in crystalline whispers.

Ladling peppercorn sighs
of fuming soup
on shivering platters
etching gasps of delight,
she sips cappuccinos
with parched lips,
scenting once cinnamon breeze
in caffeine vowels.

Using herbs
like versatile consonants,
of variegated flavors and aromas
sprinkled on bland days,
parsley and cilantro
green onions and garlic~
enhance the taste of existence,
as she spins love-yarns
in the kitchen.

Mists she spins
like gossamer hopes,
to quilt the barren earth
wrapping hibernations in oblivion
to nurture the nascent,
until daffodils awaken
from buried bulbs in springtime.

Sitting afore maple-wood fires,
on her creaking arthritic armchair,
she spins woolen jumpers~
blessing her progeny with warmth,
and indulges in marshmallow reverie
reminiscing of balmy August afternoons,
lingering in memory
as the taste of pickled mangoes
and roasted, buttery peanuts.

Medley ~Versatile thoughts in Vignettes


love letters
scribbled by fingertips
of winter sunshine,
on burnished epistles
of autumn
in wilted November,

in cinnamon syllables,
a fragrant tale of love
nascent yet withered
from boughs
of vibrant imagery.

of stale cappuccino
in paper-cup preoccupations,
remind of conversations
in moonlight
between the starstruck.

of a precocious dawn
are painted in medley of hues
as reiterated colors
on azure canvas at gloaming.

cobblestone sores
are pitchers of pouring rain,
rippling with
rhapsodies born in
tempest’s tenebrosities
and oft crooned
by wet, rustling foliage.

croissants are
like moments of love
shared in togetherness
lingering sweetly
on tongue of reverie.

Baking a Cappuccino



self raising flour
of myriad contemplations,
are sifted through
sieve of self critique
to blend with bittersweet mixture
of coffee granules and sugar
garnered from moods
of a bipolar life,

softened butter of emotions
hardened into indifference
is spooned into measured oil of
generosity and decency
baking powder and soda are sprinkled
into batter of versatile desires
to make dense realities
fluffy as Morpheus’ fantasies,

while a fuming oven
of fixated ideologies sighs
in overheated syllables
as it impatiently awaits arrival
of fickle fluidities to
convert into a sweet decadence
to savor on palate of introspections,
mouthing expletives
and appreciations in tandem.

as the aroma of a baking cappuccino
fills nostrils of bland thoughts,
icing of coffee cream tasting
like mixed sentiments,
is prepared by an industrious spoon
to layer over bronzed realms
of freshly chiseled interpretations.

dark chocolate of mystique
is grated over dithering indecisions
to cover with an innovative mix
of assorted dry fruits,
on the stoic face of baked wishes
and stands within an atmosphere
of pregnant anticipations
awaiting the spoon of
adventurous, connoisseur gluttony.

Poetry is a Mango Chocolate Pastry



I bake poems
erasing stereotyped claustrophobias
wearing sumptuous aromas
as stole around myself.


passion is powdered cocoa
sprinkled to pepper
routine existence in sensual syllables
expressed in lowercase letters.


winking sugar granules
of mischief are ground to mix
in a delicious concoction
of fragrant thoughts.


the batter is an amalgam
of garnered snippets
from nature’s conflicting versatilities,
variegated moods of philosophy
and everyday incidents of life’s drama.

cake batter

cinnamon of fall blends
with vanilla scents from spring’s meads
while cozy warmth of winter eventides
aromatic with cappuccinos is mixed
with grapes burnished into raisins
in scorching summer sunshine.


metaphors, alliterations, similes
are whipped in like baking soda,
to enhance softness of voiced textures,
poetry burgeons within
innovative oven of imagination
to scatter thoughts like alluring whispers
of wafting appetizing smells.

cake in oven

layered in bittersweet cream icing
reminiscent of hot chocolate
from frozen shelves of december,
with a pieced jigsaw
of golden alphonso ripeness
smiling on its face as eulogy
of June’s abounding orchards…

Remembering You Over Cappuccinos…



on moonlit winter nights
when absurdities of chilled raindrops
tapper on corrugated rooftops,
as insistent knuckles
fraying the linen of flimsy silence,
on bittersweet demitasse nights.
cold shivers tapestry
my trembling solitudes in goosebumps,
snuggled within fleece quilts
of piquant cappuccino aromas peppered
in sugar granule memories,
I indulge in your reminiscences.


cocoa giggles salted on mocha mirth,
treacle smiles lace fluid lips
mingling sugar in peppermint laughters,
shared sips like emblazoned kisses
exchanged on the brims of fragile china,
twin straws and huddled faces of togetherness
over iced cappuccinos in frothy coronas,
baked festivities of cookies
flavored in coffee are like crisp dawns
of winter emerging as scented butterflies
from the oblivion of chrysalis-night~
are now sepia tinted recollections.

cappuccino and cookies

you are to me my morning coffee~
your scent rejuvenating my lethargies,
as blind fingers caressing
your latte-silk skin,
relearn hourglass contours as braille
our love story is camaraderie,
caffeine-scented laughters echoing warmth
a blend of passion and vitality
like simmering sips of mocaccinos
and today on this bland night
tasting like stale dredges
of yesterday’s leftover coffee,
I relive our long lost tale of love
gathering you in faded thoughts
like scooped withered molts of fall…