Summer’s Mischief


Summer is a juvenile boy,
hopscotching with pebbles
on afternoons strewn in
quixotic cricket’s rhapsodies,
and butterflies fluttering
salsa delights,

He scatters and gathers
moments like sparkling marbles,
winking in honeyed sunshine~
wearing a hat pinned in sunflowers
he guffaws his laughter
to flower into mustard blossoms.

On hibiscus-tinted dawns~
scented in mango blossom verses,
he sequins delphinium bays
in constellations,
spilling his moody eructations
on azure clarities
to crayon vibrant dusks.

he offers naive faith
in night jasmine filled palms,
tolling bells of worship
on temple steps of tranquility,
fingerpainting rainbows
on kohl streaked blues,
he discovers flavor of first love
on adolescent tongue,
in peppered kisses of tempest.

playing peek-a-boo
with chameleon silhouettes,
he scribbles his secrets on clouds,
with the moon his ball
he aims to taint the night
in mud-stained shots…


Poetic Glimpses in Nature…


dirty blue tides crashing
against sands of a relentless shore,
with pink, empty sea-shells
and conchs enceinte with dulcet notes
grasped within platinum fists,
are like hurling, burgeoning poetry
within which thoughts seek
to dive and explore in cerulean depths,
discovering angst of bleeding dusks
and their lavender scrolls,
muted songs of cavorting dolphins,
exotic tales of pirates,
lush silences of uninhabited isles
and cockiness of racing seahorses.

autumn is strewn in rustles
tinted in volatile golds and bronzes,
blazing torches of october
light the trail to a misty winter,
in its variegated pastels smiles poetry
sun-kissed yellows sigh potpourri metaphors
on the cheeks of autumn clouds,
verdant naiveté is burnt into browns
maturing as middle-aged anecdotes,
on rocking chair contemplation,
leaves become mottled sonnets
scribed from quill of fall
inked in mellow sunshine script.

summer waterfalls in silver-clad feet
skip down a geometric hillside~
poetry reverberates in a sweet fluidity,
sprinkling satiation over
parched realms of lemonade-lorn summers,
bare toes in cascading waters,
trailing down as snowflake’s tears
feel the placidity of monsoon-symphonies,
rippling over naked feet
and tickling soles of sensitivities,
it erases grime and sweat
to scribe lines of surreal poetry
on balmy afternoons of august.

butterflies on wings
like fragmented moments of twilights,
flutters to dissolve their echoes
into fragrant realms of zephyr,
like radiant lines of versatile verse
they are like dreams brocaded
on the loom of slumber,
poetry emerges like a collage
of cloth pieces, a patchwork of colors,
in the boudoir of spring
nectar from blooming hope pens
these poetic stanza punctuated in
periods of whimsical pollen,
hennaed over butterfly feet.

Floral Musings…





golden buttercups,
in sunshine-spun pinafores,
shiver in the cool breeze
while lukewarm treacle trickles
down azure canopy
polka-dotted in vagrant clouds
with storms brewing
within cotton-wool wombs,
and butterflies preen
in aureate embrace of
the redolent daylight.

dandelions are songs sung
by earth’s fertility, scattering
fragrant syllables over
silent chords of wind’s violin,
to spread as notes of spring’s allure
while bonny cotton-faces
sway to the rhythm of
this ethereal rhapsody echoing
in muted couplets of delight,
unaware and un-envious of
the prettier taffeta of others
abloom in spring’s boudoir.

zinnias in variegated skirts
blooming in versicolor bower-ribbons
pantomime as rainbow strands
brocaded over soil’s bosom,
enchanting butterflies on wings
painted as evensongs of dusk
and moths crooning softly
while honeybees buzz
with nectarine anticipation,
unaware that the breath
of these multi-shaded blossoms
was not ethereal as hues promised
~they are like femme fatale
without inherent love in dark souls.

myriad colored wildflowers
blooming amid the straggling weed
under virtually opaque veneer
of anonymity and obscurity,
smile beneath the cascading photons
simpering with pleasure
as a group of country-maids,
their beauty unadulterated as
the bliss at being alive
sighs faint nuances of sweetness
reverberating in zephyr
as eulogies to spring’s beauty.

perfumed laughter of lilacs
blooming in honeydew sunshine
as remnants of the scrolls of crepuscule,
abloom in bowers of desire,
echo in colorful fragments to
together compose lullabies and aubades
for both nightfall and dawn
always cradled in verdant flutters
as spring’s fragrant children
eager to lave in dewdrops and
bask in pouring sunshine…



Love Story of Butterfly and Rose



the butterfly

of diaphanous wings,
her taffeta splashed in
variegated graffiti,
is queen of spring’s meads
as she fluttered 
on whimsical wings to
sojourn blooming bowers,
basking in honeyed sunshine
and flirting with moths
vagrantly singing eulogies
to the lilies and orchids.

for its brocaded wings
it paid the price of its chrysalis
its much cherished alcove,
and now on the petals
of myriad fragrant flowers
it is transiently cradled before
lured away by redolence
of some other bloom,
attracted by another color
and then one day it saw the rose
a crimson dream of fragrance
peppered in ruby dewdrops,
smiling shyly in sun’s tequila gaze,
and it fell in love with it.

together they shared 
whispered sweet nothings,
as butterfly sipped nectar of rose
and rose basked in dew
carried on tiny feet from elsewhere,
they romanced even
in the transient versicolor sighs
of ephemeral twilight,
and in the moonlight chianti
befriended by glowworms
while voyeur stars watched
the lovers made sweet love.

when a fair maiden plucked
the rose from its bough,
butterfly was forlorn and aghast,
it followed its beloved
wherever the lass went with
rose adorned in her braid,
just to be with its beloved
to breathe in its sweet perfume,
and till the day it withered away
dead before its time 
killed by whim of a woman
and thus ended brief love story 
of butterfly and crimson rose…

A Glissando Metamorphosis


mating moments
of kaleidoscopic quivers,
in pheromone-crazed clock ticks,
in winter’s frostbitten minutes 
or spring’s scented gasps,
glue eggs on verdure~
new life takes birth.

centipede-like gluttony,
crawls as vermiform creature,
nibbling foliage rustles,
while memories and regrets 
moult in cuticles, 
dreams abound 
in stained-glass wings 
and redolent zephyr-trysts.

days are somnolent 
under leafage, hibernating 
in obscurity of chrysalis,
miniature wings forgotten as
time stands still
like toppled hourglass,
with pocketfuls 
of nascent moments .

drying gossamer wings
in filigree sunshine,
a resplendent imago is poetry
perched on thought’s ledge,
eagerly whispering,
‘its time sip ambrosia from
nectarine lips.’Image