Love Story of Butterfly and Rose



the butterfly

of diaphanous wings,
her taffeta splashed in
variegated graffiti,
is queen of spring’s meads
as she fluttered 
on whimsical wings to
sojourn blooming bowers,
basking in honeyed sunshine
and flirting with moths
vagrantly singing eulogies
to the lilies and orchids.

for its brocaded wings
it paid the price of its chrysalis
its much cherished alcove,
and now on the petals
of myriad fragrant flowers
it is transiently cradled before
lured away by redolence
of some other bloom,
attracted by another color
and then one day it saw the rose
a crimson dream of fragrance
peppered in ruby dewdrops,
smiling shyly in sun’s tequila gaze,
and it fell in love with it.

together they shared 
whispered sweet nothings,
as butterfly sipped nectar of rose
and rose basked in dew
carried on tiny feet from elsewhere,
they romanced even
in the transient versicolor sighs
of ephemeral twilight,
and in the moonlight chianti
befriended by glowworms
while voyeur stars watched
the lovers made sweet love.

when a fair maiden plucked
the rose from its bough,
butterfly was forlorn and aghast,
it followed its beloved
wherever the lass went with
rose adorned in her braid,
just to be with its beloved
to breathe in its sweet perfume,
and till the day it withered away
dead before its time 
killed by whim of a woman
and thus ended brief love story 
of butterfly and crimson rose…


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