Dreams of a Frozen Lake…


frozen lake

the frozen lake
sleeps under candy-floss skies
of a shivering winter,
hibernating under sugary caresses
of wispy snowflakes,
while a lenient winter sun
is too busy munching on honeydews
to melt her reservations.

Frozen lake nature landscape - Google Plus Cover

she is sleeping beauty
lost in an eternal slumber awaiting
unconsciously for golden kiss
of a daffodil sun of springtime,
unaware of the mist curtains
which hang over her meditations,
and the feet which tread
over her frosted somnolence.

frozen lake 1

frail colors of blanched winter
freckle her mirrored silences in smiles
like volatile rainbow sighs,
while she indulges in fluid dreams
of sun rays in aureate stilettos
waltzing over her dulcet ripples
as she preens in her versatile silks
like a poetry of blue-green syllables
echoing in crystal couplets.

frozen lake 2

she dreams of balmy summer afternoons
kissed by palm fronds swaying
in breeze scented in mango blossoms,
while a canoe sails over sapphire realms
its rowing arms scattering
a saccharine music over the quiet,
and laughters splintering
like glass bangles on the oars.

frozen lake3

she has fragrant dreams,
reverberating with scents from meads
or tangerine melancholy
voiced in muted whispers of autumn,
as changing visage of seasons
is reflected in her altering moods,
and clad in iced silhouettes of winter
she reminiscences about the past.

frozen lake4

fantasies enshroud her siestas
she dreams of twilight’s colors smeared
over her turquoise crumples in
liquid flames of gold,purple,cerise,
like reiterations of a day’s introspections
of lotuses abloom in redolent pinks
and water hyacinths flowering in mauve
over her symphonies of fluid blue.

frozen lake5

she dreams of cavorting fishes,
caught in fish net preoccupations,
as simple folk songs of fishermen dissolve
their bliss in the tranquility of mute eventides,
of tiara nights entrenched in opal moon
and fireflies sprinkling nights in sparkles,
which are echoed on her satin ripples
while she holds a wrinkled moon in her palm,
as winter’s opacities engulf her sinews.

frozen lake6

Summer Laughs in Mustard Blossoms


mustard blooms

laughter of exuberant summer
echoes in blooming mustard’s gold
reminiscent of artless grin
of a rustic, unaffected beauty
unaware of her own allure.

summer waterfall

mirth of summer ripples
in melodious footsteps of prancing cascades
which tapestry igneous harshness
in stardust dreams reverberating
with silver serenades of melting snow.

summer sky

skies are a larkspur’s desire
with wispy clouds sailing
like transient wistful thoughts,
while turquoise lake is bejeweled
as a bride by sunbeams.


mischief of summer lurks
in children’s eyes
as they gaze at mango laden boughs
winking with luscious promises
from beyond the orchard boundaries.


on balmy evenings crickets strum
strains amid thistle,
while fireflies sigh fluorescence
over drooping heads of wildflowers
singed by blazing sun-flames.

puddle splash

the whimsy of summer
is poured in monsoon showers,
that salve sunburned skin of life,
enveloping wilted verdure in freshness,
while her innocence is reflected
in children’s giggles,
as they splash hopscotch
over puddled faces of potholes.


summer has a volatile temper
expressed in thunder and lightening
as she brews her stormy concoctions
cooling cinders on cerulean heights,
drenching an impudent sun
and splintering the quietude
of a sultry midsummer day.

Rendezvous with Solitude…



standing alone in
the quietude as vines
of ivy entwine themselves
around your sinuous contours
like chords of passion
holding your soul in thrall
as they strum threnodies of
desire on taut strings
of overwhelming emotions,
your breath blends in
the breeze as nuances
of citrus dreams and
luscious strawberry kisses.with two pink roses
from the redolent meads,
fresh and dew-kissed,
eager to enhance
the raven beauty of
silken mane flowing down
as shiny cascade,
she savors sensual whispers
of the tangible solitude,
hummed and crooned
in mesmerizing rhythm as
she loses herself
in undulating straits of
loving reminiscences.

in this rendezvous
with her procellous thoughts,
in this alcove cohabited
by verdant creeping ivy
and a cool, soothing breeze,
you try to untangle the vines
of ivy and your thoughts,
to redefine your passion,
your longings and wants,
yearning for the sunshine
pouring from skies
shining a larkspur azure,
to thaw the ice freezing
her emotions of love,
so love could shine as sun
on begonia skies at dawn…

Golden Morning Unfolds…


golden morn

the sun
with his golden mane
braided into pigtails by fingers
of ambidextrous night breeze
unbraids his hair,
unraveling the secrets of
its dreams in colors on
the faces of floating clouds
at versicolor dawn.

shimmering bay

babbling brook’s mouth
is filled with treacle dribbling from
fingertips of sunshine,
while sleepy stars form
a bodice for her rippling form,
while a beaming sun
looks on really mesmerized.

flowers at dawn2
beauty of aurora is
brocaded by sighs of flowers
gently arisen by
fondling caress of sun-rays,
while night jasmines wither
like alms falling from
myriad palms of beggar tree.


cacophony of
early rising swallows echoes
to badger dozing eucalyptuses,
while rooster, boasting
a hibiscus-crown,crows
awakening drooping sleepyheads
of snow-white lilies.


sunflower believes
empty promises of ever and after,
made by benign morning sun,
gently licking away dewy tears
of departed night,
only to be baffled by
his changing moods when
it frowns belligerently at noon…

moments of november reverie…


snow on trees

whiplash winds flog
trees denuded by pilferer autumn,
as sugar-flakes fall
from mixed feeling grays, to pepper
landscapes and sweeten
the bitterness of November chill,
with wispy, caramel kisses.

hot chocolate
simmering in warmth
of kitchen strewn in blended aromas,
a lonely cup of cocoa
tries to mellow, to sugarcoat
lingering piquancy of departed fall,
before filling emptiness
of hollow, porcelain throats
to trickle down drooling tongues
as pacifying gulps
of winter’s complacence.


golden glow of flickering amber flames
ablaze in hearth coated in soot
of past years and memories,
casting sepia shadows on bokhara rugs,
as armchairs cuddle duvet quilted moments
festooned with trysts in reverie.

Floral Musings…





golden buttercups,
in sunshine-spun pinafores,
shiver in the cool breeze
while lukewarm treacle trickles
down azure canopy
polka-dotted in vagrant clouds
with storms brewing
within cotton-wool wombs,
and butterflies preen
in aureate embrace of
the redolent daylight.

dandelions are songs sung
by earth’s fertility, scattering
fragrant syllables over
silent chords of wind’s violin,
to spread as notes of spring’s allure
while bonny cotton-faces
sway to the rhythm of
this ethereal rhapsody echoing
in muted couplets of delight,
unaware and un-envious of
the prettier taffeta of others
abloom in spring’s boudoir.

zinnias in variegated skirts
blooming in versicolor bower-ribbons
pantomime as rainbow strands
brocaded over soil’s bosom,
enchanting butterflies on wings
painted as evensongs of dusk
and moths crooning softly
while honeybees buzz
with nectarine anticipation,
unaware that the breath
of these multi-shaded blossoms
was not ethereal as hues promised
~they are like femme fatale
without inherent love in dark souls.

myriad colored wildflowers
blooming amid the straggling weed
under virtually opaque veneer
of anonymity and obscurity,
smile beneath the cascading photons
simpering with pleasure
as a group of country-maids,
their beauty unadulterated as
the bliss at being alive
sighs faint nuances of sweetness
reverberating in zephyr
as eulogies to spring’s beauty.

perfumed laughter of lilacs
blooming in honeydew sunshine
as remnants of the scrolls of crepuscule,
abloom in bowers of desire,
echo in colorful fragments to
together compose lullabies and aubades
for both nightfall and dawn
always cradled in verdant flutters
as spring’s fragrant children
eager to lave in dewdrops and
bask in pouring sunshine…



Scents of Winter…


Scents of Winter

winter scents1

winter scents2

winter scents3

winter scents4

winter scents5

winter scents6\

with cinnamon
breath of fall mingling
in infinite oblivion
of past buried
beneath piling snow–
feather soft and sublime.

morning breeze scented

in aroma of citrus delights,
and freshness of
dew on grass blades,
untouched by lethargic
tongue of mellowed sun.

rich aroma of
brewing tea and coffee
scents environs,
in nipping chill
and fragrance of green peas,
spring onions and herbs
emanates from kitchen.

crackling fire
palmed by hearth,
leaves room redolent
with earthy smell of
incinerated timber,
and a roseate glow etched
on softness of cheeks.

Christmas brings scents
of pine needles and myrtle,
blended with the smell
of delicacies, cakes
pies and cookies fresh
from the blazing oven.

and above all scent
of your closeness beneath
moth ball smothered blankets,
as you hold me close,
dissipating chill of winter,
are to me epitomes
of winter season…