Relentless Woe…


sewing sequin tears
unto night’s benevolence,
with starlight threaded
into the needle
of hope~

I sought
to borrow fake smiles
from sparkle of glowworms,
the constellations
strewn carelessly
over drowsy river at dawn,
and the daisies
etching ebullience
onto the face of quietude.

but my woes
were like wet blankets
weighing down carefree skies,
the graffiti
painted on clouds
now but streaks of mascara
~drab and colorless.

life once
mellifluous as
the lark’s vibrant strain
is now discordant
as raucous cacophony
of ravens cawing
to breech sanctity
of a silent morn.

haunted by my own shadows
chasing elusive mirages
etched by treacherous sunlight,
going nowhere in
a riddling maze of
concentric circles of despair
I scribble my inadequacies
on cemented indifference
of mute walls.

plaster peeled
heralding ruin by angst
leaving my writings illegible,
I then wrote them
on withered flutters of fall,
to allow vagrant wind
to blow away my grievances,
only to find them
rot to humus and stink
with unwanted reverie.

the remains of dead leafage
in reluctant fingers,
I burnt them
scattering the ash in air,
only to let it sting
my eyes forming tears anew.


Fairy-tales of Meads


Wisteria in Rapunzel tendrils,
wearing shades of dusk’s husky laughter,
in mauve, violet and lavender,
hangs its curly mane on chiseled silences,
for flirtatious moths to ascend
humming rhapsodies of desire.

The butterflies vain on dainty wings
flutter in scented zephyr,
preening themselves in dewy mirrors,
to hail themselves as
the prettiest of all those alive.

The love story of Clytia reiterates itself
from dawn to crepuscule
in the enamored gaze of lovelorn sunflower,
who droops at variegated twilight
to simulate the slumber of Sleeping beauty,
awaiting the golden kiss of prince sun.

The rose blushes in throes of first love,
basking in sunshine and drizzle
enthralled by the sublime melodies of lark,
it dreams of falling in love,
like the princess imprisoned in a castle,
until the robin with passion in its breast
paints rainbows on the canvas of its desires.

When snow drapes soil’s sunburns
salving its blistered realms,
from fertility’s womb emerges the daffodil,
as a fragrant, fragile snow white,
brightening the drab environs
with stardust sequined smiles,
under the shade of the dwarf-like boughs
covered in candy-floss snow.

Savoring these fairy-tales of nature,
unfolding in fragments of fancy
the soul is rejuvenated and spirit lightened
leaving tranquil symphony floating
in the depths of jaded existence.

Untitled Vignettes of Morning


sigh of verdant song
of spring reflected
in sparkling visage
of morning dew,
is like naive whisper
of a juvenile dream
yet to unfurl
its chatreuse realms
to mandarin sun.


a sleepy bay
stretches lazy limbs
at dawn to erase
lingering kohl of insomnia
from vision of melting moon,
painting the sky’s complacence
in tangering moods
of cider-lorn fall.


silver epistles are scribbled
on transparencies
of window’s intrigue,
in braille of beaded frost
as a prelude to
snowclad sublime of
an introverted january morn.


cerulean fingers
of brine wriggle
in delighted anticipation,
eagerly rising and falling to
try and touch
the distant skies,
splashing sun’s frowns
in wistful fluidities.

Vignettes of a Protean Sun


red sky at dawn
at dawn the sun
bleeds as festering wound
on cloud-wrinkled
skin of drowsy, azure morn,
leaving a poetry
of vermilion scrolled
on infinite papyrus of blue.
dusk sky
at twilight hour
variegated eructations
of a retiring sun
glows as graffiti on
the grey tinted visage
of cloud freckled canopy,
creating a brocaded quilt
spread to welcome
the rising amber moon.
autumn sun
the sun of autumn
is a softly glowing topaz
lying on velvet sky
frilled in sublime clouds,
it is mellowed, burnished
in the cauldron of time
and softly echoes with
reverberations of yester years
as cinnamon contemplation.
winter sun1
winter sun rises with
lethargic yawn to shiver in
the drizzling snowflakes
and wears a shawl of grey cloud
to ward away the chill,
while geriatric eyes peer
through flimsy curtains of mist
to sprinkle photon’s gold
on the earth’s face as a miser.
summer sun1
at acme of summer
sun blazes in tangerine flames,
etching cascading rivulets
on hillsides from sweating peaks
of sublime snow
kissing vagrant clouds,
and breathes fire into sinews
of the otherwise cool wind,
that cooled by showers
of whimsical summer rain alone.

In Memories’ Vase (Vignettes)


beautiful moon1

moon is a pearl
in indigo palm of cosmos,
shimmering with asters
pouring vanilla ice-cream
in dollops into
voracious lips of Gaea.


sailing as french lace puffs
on azure infinite,
with traces of tempest’s grey
on sublime countenance,
and hints of rainbow pastels
streaked mildly, nonchalantly
amoebic angel-pillows
strum symphony of drizzles.


the celestial pomegranate
is pealed by divinity to sprinkle
seeds on night’s veil of sombre
as twinkling asters- the
frozen fireflies on Kohl-ed skies,
or hopes aglow in despair.

frangipani in rain

raindrops fall
to pepper the taffeta
of frangipani breathing
sweet perfume,
and scroll an arch
of prismatic rainbow
on the grey expanse.


quietude of
an uninhabited island
is ripped into shards by
claws of fierce storm
its carnivorous fangs piercing
flesh of clouds to
create thunder and lightening.


hypnotic sighs
of poppies in vermilion
lull the senses into a slumber,
gifting stolen moments
of respite in anxiety.

sands of time

these glimpses are
portrayed on sands of time
as beautiful images,
like vows of true love,

flower vase

and are admired with pleasure
by soul, caressed by
breeze of bliss
and treasured as flowers
in memory’s vase,
or bottled away as fireflies
of glowing starlight…