lost in obscure,
serpentine alleys of
surreal daydreams,
that engulf a moment
like dew grasped within
closing fronds of
touch-me-not leaves,
she sighs moist patches
on the visage of
clear window panes.

her imagination
is a gossamer veil akin
to mist of winter’s threshold,
that drapes some instant
that plays truant from
realms of reality,
groves of veracity,
to recline on cassock
of bittersweet fantasy.

in these moments
of escape from life’s sojourn
wishes blossom, desires flower
the incense of hope
seeps into the pores of skin
to enter marrow
of existence,
this is a bubble from
fluid of molten rainbow
and liquid moonbeams
that bursts after a moment
yet leaves lingering
dew of whimsical smiles.

like feathers of a dove,
peppered confetti in arms of
aromatic autumnal breeze,
the etched stardust trail of
a falling comet on indigo,
the song of a robin in flight,
blossoms of hursingar
daydreams are transient
fabrications of whimsy
that leave a lurking smile
or a twinkle of hope
in eyes long disillusioned…


Rendezvous of Desire



his passionate gaze
under half-lidded eyes,
caresses feminine contours
akin to hourglass,
as fingers of cool breeze
fondle petals of rose that
bask in pouring tequila sunshine.

she is unaware
of the sensual scrutiny
of mute, palpable desire,
but he wants her to read his
sentiments of love
and softly whispers her name
into ears of gregarious breeze
and fluid disjointed syllables
reaching her make her turn
towards him in query.

as eyes meet reading
the unsaid promises of love,
slowly they approached each other
as though wasps attracted
by chemokine of desire,
and he filled her in his embrace
enveloping gently as palm fronds 
do the silver moonbeams,
and together their redolence
blended into a potpourri
of soft, romantic sighs.

his hands held her close
as with eyes closed in rapture,
his fingers traced her as though
memorizing her with his fingertips,
slowly her head turned upwards
soft lips opening up
as dewy petals to the sun,
and his face bent for lips to
plunder honeydew depths
with a kiss of bittersweet longing
as a moth drinks nectar
from the depths of fragrance.

spooned in togetherness
as though twin portions of a whole
in ardor of passionate longing,
the lovers remained embraced
as time stood still
watching as mesmerized voyeur,
and even the twilight cacophony of
returning birds and boisterous noise
of splashing tides on rocks,
failed to awaken them from
their trance of yearning…

Apparition of Truth


A phantasm or a figment of fertile imagination
floating in recollection, a vivid picture
vision from fairy tales at ungodly hour of three
when tired clock’s hand somnambulate
pendulum dozes off to enter Somnus’ realms,
moon is sleepy and stars yawn in lethargy,
pall of silence enshrouds sleeping Rhea.

I felt breeze’s vague whisper
and woke up to rub drooping eyelids,
annoyance lingering in frowning creases,
and then I woke up with a start
dumbfounded at specter afore my eyes.

She was an ethereal beauty afloat on
sublime cloud of fluorescence,
standing staring mutely,
while pearls rolled down on ground,
she spoke, her voice hoarse with pent up grief~
I felt a flute play saccharine notes
into noise-tormented ears.

smiling a brave ,half-fleeting smile
as ray seeping through grayish clouds,
I saw scarlet, raw wounds agape on her,
her eyes a pleading saga of endurance~
blood smearing blanche gown in russet.

‘I am truth, wounded by arrows of endless lies’
said she her tones soft, nectarine, calm.
‘once revered, cherished, coveted
now as world sinks in quagmire of deceit
my throat chokes with suffocating fumes of falsehoods,
as I struggle for a breath of honesty
but in vain I wheeze struggling to respire.’

‘the healing hands of hope nurture
me, as I wither as a singed flower
in blazing sunshine,
its ambrosia-kisses my antidote.
my patience is now emaciated
I visit every person with a honest twinkle
I plead to you to save me
with just a few words of truth daily
for my salvation…’

Alleys of Haunting Solitude…


Wearing cloak
of grey quietude in solitude
I wistfully gaze at paired magpies
chirpily celebrating
their amorous togetherness,
my nose pressed against
panes of window of intrigue.

I envy vines that entwine
in the embrace of oak’s dependability,
yearning fills me as
butterflies whisper sweet nothings
to unfurling rosebuds,
or as beauty of togetherness
blends in braided hues of rainbows~
painted by raindrops and sunlight.

discordant single note
echoes as a monotone in solitude,
I crave to blend into a symphony,
as beauty of unity dawns on me,
I seek to blend and lose
my individuality, my privacy.

I was alone for far too long,
seclusion is not my salvation
the curse of Zephyrus not my due
I seek to come out
of oyster-womb of loneliness
and sparkle as a pearl
to leave chrysalis of anonymity
emerging as a reflection Of Iris…