lost in obscure,
serpentine alleys of
surreal daydreams,
that engulf a moment
like dew grasped within
closing fronds of
touch-me-not leaves,
she sighs moist patches
on the visage of
clear window panes.

her imagination
is a gossamer veil akin
to mist of winter’s threshold,
that drapes some instant
that plays truant from
realms of reality,
groves of veracity,
to recline on cassock
of bittersweet fantasy.

in these moments
of escape from life’s sojourn
wishes blossom, desires flower
the incense of hope
seeps into the pores of skin
to enter marrow
of existence,
this is a bubble from
fluid of molten rainbow
and liquid moonbeams
that bursts after a moment
yet leaves lingering
dew of whimsical smiles.

like feathers of a dove,
peppered confetti in arms of
aromatic autumnal breeze,
the etched stardust trail of
a falling comet on indigo,
the song of a robin in flight,
blossoms of hursingar
daydreams are transient
fabrications of whimsy
that leave a lurking smile
or a twinkle of hope
in eyes long disillusioned…

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