Alleys of Haunting Solitude…


Wearing cloak
of grey quietude in solitude
I wistfully gaze at paired magpies
chirpily celebrating
their amorous togetherness,
my nose pressed against
panes of window of intrigue.

I envy vines that entwine
in the embrace of oak’s dependability,
yearning fills me as
butterflies whisper sweet nothings
to unfurling rosebuds,
or as beauty of togetherness
blends in braided hues of rainbows~
painted by raindrops and sunlight.

discordant single note
echoes as a monotone in solitude,
I crave to blend into a symphony,
as beauty of unity dawns on me,
I seek to blend and lose
my individuality, my privacy.

I was alone for far too long,
seclusion is not my salvation
the curse of Zephyrus not my due
I seek to come out
of oyster-womb of loneliness
and sparkle as a pearl
to leave chrysalis of anonymity
emerging as a reflection Of Iris…


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