Sensual Whispers


caved pillows
imprinted in twin heads,
wrinkles furrowed
on satin sheets of silent morn,

lingering whispers of sweet-nothings
murmured in night’s ear,

remnants of molten, vanilla candles,
their dead wicks winking
in early refulgence~
murmur stardust-secrets,

Echo of blending breaths
entangled and fragrant with passion,
caresses exotic
like molten, dark chocolate,
trickling down butterscotch,

on alabaster skin
as hibiscus petals on dawn~
sensuality defines itself.


A Fragrant Memory of Love


memory of love

she lingers in
my mind as
a nascent memory,
a gossamer dream spun
of redolent sighs,
a faint reminiscence
which lurks in
memory’s catacombs,
draped in opaque mist
of confounding amnesia.

memory of scents

I remember not
her features, her face,
nor her silken mane
or her alabaster contours,
but just some scents
which whisper in
surreal syllables tales of
a romance long lost,
a romance we shared.

faded face

scent reminiscent of
breath of lemon blossoms,
peppered over
dewy face of spring morn,
or redolent chants
of hursinghars like
wedding vows of night
and dawn blooming
in resplendent delight.

lemon blossoms

in my mind she is
a cocktail of aromas,
a bittersweet concoction
which tingles and
tantalizes the senses,
faint whiff of coffee’s smell
mingled with snow’s freshness,
which was braided
perhaps in her breath,
and luscious scent of
molten dark chocolate,
which lingered as a nuance
on her sensuous lips.

kiss of chocolate1

and every time I try to
remember her visage,
all that is revived is aromas,
citrus fragrance of
juicy slices of mandarin,
~ sweet-sour as her mischief.
and scent of drenched earth
after monsoon’s virgin shower,
reminds me of her,
and her rippling laughter…

peeled mandarin

Loving You Beyond Forever


blood red dawn

you are the one I love,
the scarlet sigh of aurora,
which is scribed in
syllables of vermilion
over crepe of azure skies,
moonlight wine that fills
refulgence in cauldrons
of gossamer dreams.

moonlit lovers

I can feel your hands
caress me like fingers of
honeydew winter noon,
etching blushes
of nascent desire on
my alabaster contours,
and the fingers of
evening breeze which
fondle me with
strokes of tranquil love.

winter solstice

your kisses are like
tasting a mocktail with
flavors of tangy blackberries
and sweet honey,
braided with luscious sigh
of molten dark chocolate,
with lingers in soft nuances
on the softness of my lips,
beaded in dew of forever,
while I starve for more,
yearning to taste you again.

lover's kiss2

enfolded in you embrace
with your breath fanning
my face as scented zephyr,
I can hear the tattoo of
your galloping heart,
which races with passion
as mine, echoing in my ears
as rhapsody of desire,
while intoxicated by
by your scent I yearn
to blend in you…


Loving You As A Dream…


you are like
song of silver syllables,
echoing from jubilant lips of
a cascade, reverberating
within my heartbeats
inside layers of my soul.

a wisp of fall carried
in invisible palms of breeze,
your thoughts I carry
within my contemplation,
always remembering you at
the whimsical turn of
every nascent moment.

the taste of your kiss
lingers on my lips as flavor
of a sparkling dew on
tequila tongue of morn,
with a nuance of sour tinge
of sun-kissed mandarins.

that lively laughter
so reminiscent of sea
with its cavorting cerulean tides
that shatter against ragged shores,
and a smile like pouring treacle
which filled my days with
honeydew sunshine.

craving to taste salt
of passion on your skin,
to feel my fingers comb through
your silken locks in soft caress,
as the fingers of dawn
painting clear streams in
glowing streaks of vermilion.

I want to be spooned
with your realms as sinuous tendril
curling over a bough,
your fluid gaze is like a caress
of serene moonlight,
your voice like a whisper
of my sentiments,

yearning to cup you as
a dewdrop within my palms,
or pick you as snowflakes from
the sublime trails of winter,
as that lonely dried rose
within yellowed pages
of bittersweet existence,
I want to hold you close
to my heart forever…

We Are Lovers…


within rugged touch of your calloused palms
I flow as serenade of rippling desires,
restrained from overflowing by caressing embrace,
that gilds my life in sunshine sighs,
the molten honey of your gaze is my mirror
reflecting reverberations of my dreams,

within the embracing warmth of your arms
I flower as dulcet evensongs from
lips of red hibiscuses and variegated tulips,
echo as carefree laughter of silver waterfalls,
become the whispered epistle of vagrant fall
that resonates in cinnamon words of whimsy.

when the leafage in rustling salsa dance
and freckle the sublime veil of sunrays in shadows,
you turn my tears into honeydew and
lace my despair in swirling scents of lavender,
adding rainbows to my raven nothingness
and locust’s oxymoron strains to my eventides.

you are the frangipani within whose womb
hide the fireflies of my fluorescent desires,
like strummed vibrations of guitar strings
which pepper life’s vacuous days in melodies,
your words are the poetic incantations
that rejuvenate the songs of golden smiles.

you gather me in your nurturing arms
as hursinghars from dawn’s redolent threshold,
frozen frost o’er window panes of existence
is like the fragmented rainbow piece you gather
to brighten my days with resplendent hues,
within the enchanting warmth of your love
I glow as serene radiance of amber moon.

wisteria clouds at eventide drape
azure expanse with last dying daylight dredges,
just as you envelope my realms in passion—
lingering on the horizons of my self
you brocade my silences in refulgent whispers,
softly cradling my aspirations within cupped palms,
you treasure them like pearl within oysters.

with your touch flowing over my skin
in trickles of sunshine treacle,
scribing obscure hieroglyphs of ecstasy on me,
you are the euphoria of the tides of love

spooned together with limbs entwined
we simulate the grape vine and bold trunk,
we are angels on earth waiting for
the wing of celestial glory to grow
and for us to emerge on stained glass dreams
from world’s chrysalis to soar above
beyond the shores of palpable realities…

Rendezvous with Solitude…



standing alone in
the quietude as vines
of ivy entwine themselves
around your sinuous contours
like chords of passion
holding your soul in thrall
as they strum threnodies of
desire on taut strings
of overwhelming emotions,
your breath blends in
the breeze as nuances
of citrus dreams and
luscious strawberry kisses.with two pink roses
from the redolent meads,
fresh and dew-kissed,
eager to enhance
the raven beauty of
silken mane flowing down
as shiny cascade,
she savors sensual whispers
of the tangible solitude,
hummed and crooned
in mesmerizing rhythm as
she loses herself
in undulating straits of
loving reminiscences.

in this rendezvous
with her procellous thoughts,
in this alcove cohabited
by verdant creeping ivy
and a cool, soothing breeze,
you try to untangle the vines
of ivy and your thoughts,
to redefine your passion,
your longings and wants,
yearning for the sunshine
pouring from skies
shining a larkspur azure,
to thaw the ice freezing
her emotions of love,
so love could shine as sun
on begonia skies at dawn…

Crown Cinquain of Love…

your lips
taste of nectar,
your voice a manna dream,
spun on loom of sweet desire

you flow
within me as  
fluid fire and feel
like a rippling cascade in
my arms.

you are
song of my soul,
echoing inside me
within the depths of my being

of my darkness,
soft tempest of my soul,
diamond of my heart forever 
and ever.

to you 
I am braided,
in thought, spirit and soul,
forever you and I are joined
in love.