Snow-Kissed Firs in Winter


grayish-azure, overcast skies
finger-paint verdure needles of fir
in argent desires and introspections,
smearing their shivering realms
in volatile warmth of memories
of a lost summer dream,
which shimmered like a sequined veil
on the rippling bosom of mute bays
in the blazing sunshine,
and etched transience in form
of chiaroscuros at their feet.

wisps of cotton wool sighs,
drape the silent contours of winter
in frosted, moonlit anticipation,
fir trees eagerly await
festivities scented in myrtle syllables
lit in soft glow of rainbow lamps
and flavored in baking sumptuousness,
where glitter-paper wrapped gifts
are piled under its frozen thoughts.

the winter sun sprinkles
treacle on fir’s frostbitten boughs,
like a baker sugaring bronzed delights
in saccharine sentiments,
the wind sighs chilled sonnets
on window cheeks,
scribbled in gold-dusted alphabets
by wizened fingers of aged westerlies,
to be read by myopic sun
too preoccupied in munching
on snowflakes popsicles.

A Fragrant Memory of Love


memory of love

she lingers in
my mind as
a nascent memory,
a gossamer dream spun
of redolent sighs,
a faint reminiscence
which lurks in
memory’s catacombs,
draped in opaque mist
of confounding amnesia.

memory of scents

I remember not
her features, her face,
nor her silken mane
or her alabaster contours,
but just some scents
which whisper in
surreal syllables tales of
a romance long lost,
a romance we shared.

faded face

scent reminiscent of
breath of lemon blossoms,
peppered over
dewy face of spring morn,
or redolent chants
of hursinghars like
wedding vows of night
and dawn blooming
in resplendent delight.

lemon blossoms

in my mind she is
a cocktail of aromas,
a bittersweet concoction
which tingles and
tantalizes the senses,
faint whiff of coffee’s smell
mingled with snow’s freshness,
which was braided
perhaps in her breath,
and luscious scent of
molten dark chocolate,
which lingered as a nuance
on her sensuous lips.

kiss of chocolate1

and every time I try to
remember her visage,
all that is revived is aromas,
citrus fragrance of
juicy slices of mandarin,
~ sweet-sour as her mischief.
and scent of drenched earth
after monsoon’s virgin shower,
reminds me of her,
and her rippling laughter…

peeled mandarin

Loving You Beyond Forever


blood red dawn

you are the one I love,
the scarlet sigh of aurora,
which is scribed in
syllables of vermilion
over crepe of azure skies,
moonlight wine that fills
refulgence in cauldrons
of gossamer dreams.

moonlit lovers

I can feel your hands
caress me like fingers of
honeydew winter noon,
etching blushes
of nascent desire on
my alabaster contours,
and the fingers of
evening breeze which
fondle me with
strokes of tranquil love.

winter solstice

your kisses are like
tasting a mocktail with
flavors of tangy blackberries
and sweet honey,
braided with luscious sigh
of molten dark chocolate,
with lingers in soft nuances
on the softness of my lips,
beaded in dew of forever,
while I starve for more,
yearning to taste you again.

lover's kiss2

enfolded in you embrace
with your breath fanning
my face as scented zephyr,
I can hear the tattoo of
your galloping heart,
which races with passion
as mine, echoing in my ears
as rhapsody of desire,
while intoxicated by
by your scent I yearn
to blend in you…


Crown Cinquain of Love…

your lips
taste of nectar,
your voice a manna dream,
spun on loom of sweet desire

you flow
within me as  
fluid fire and feel
like a rippling cascade in
my arms.

you are
song of my soul,
echoing inside me
within the depths of my being

of my darkness,
soft tempest of my soul,
diamond of my heart forever 
and ever.

to you 
I am braided,
in thought, spirit and soul,
forever you and I are joined
in love.





Playing criss-cross on my flat belly,

With fingertips that oft escaped to circle
Within lips of a softly voweled navel,
You’d let your fingers linger on my skin
Which you said reminded you 
Of kitten’s underbellies and petals of palash,
Your knuckles brushed over my arms
In the whispered intimacy of a caress,
As we ate, barely tasting our sustenance.

You would carry me out
At the twilight hour brocaded in
Shadows in silent salsa,
Just to see them roll over 
My alabaster realms as tides of smoke,
There was a song in your gaze 
Which was reflected syllable by syllable
In that fluid new moon smile,
And reverberated in the tattoo of 
My erratically whimsical heartbeat.

Now punctuated in pregnant pauses
Your indifference casts a shadow on my days,
Your fingers seem to prefer the crosswords,
Dinner is an engrossing, silent ritual
And togetherness obsolete and forgotten,
We once read looks now words
Are difficult to comprehend.

Only at lonely hours of dusk,
I still see the shadows softly caress
My skin still smooth as eucalyptus’ trunks,
And despite the quietude that song
Just refuses to fade from my soul’s depths…