Autumn Exuberance


kissing and tickling
footsteps of departing summer,

burnished foliage
~cinnamon confetti
tinted in red, yellow and orange

showered on solitude
of dust trails fringed
in dead grass,

flies vagrant like syllables
of a half-forgotten love-song~

lingering on crutches
of fake confabulations.

are moods of verdure,

stained by life’s versatile experiences
in graffiti hues born
from pastels of oxymoron autumn,

streaked on juvenile flutters
yester-years tempered
in the cauldrons of dead past

one last sigh
of exuberance born
from nature

before widowed and wizened
she wraps herself~

in geriatric shivers and
frostbitten mists
of armchair nostalgia…

Medley ~Versatile thoughts in Vignettes


love letters
scribbled by fingertips
of winter sunshine,
on burnished epistles
of autumn
in wilted November,

in cinnamon syllables,
a fragrant tale of love
nascent yet withered
from boughs
of vibrant imagery.

of stale cappuccino
in paper-cup preoccupations,
remind of conversations
in moonlight
between the starstruck.

of a precocious dawn
are painted in medley of hues
as reiterated colors
on azure canvas at gloaming.

cobblestone sores
are pitchers of pouring rain,
rippling with
rhapsodies born in
tempest’s tenebrosities
and oft crooned
by wet, rustling foliage.

croissants are
like moments of love
shared in togetherness
lingering sweetly
on tongue of reverie.

Introspections of Whimsical Fall…


sunshine dapples in volatile golds
rustling symphonies of autumn’s cobblestones,
like rain songs drizzled on muddy trails
by vagrant whimsy of tempest clouds,
or a painter indulging in experiments
with paints, aisle and brush strokes.

intrigue of sunbeams filters
through stoic temperament of evergreens,
etching chiaroscuros through sieving leafage,
while they remember the gossips
shared with neighboring deciduous foliage
in balmy longevities of summer days,
now denuded of gregarious moods,
standing silent in cerise sighs of dawn.

forlorn autumn moon is citrus sigh
lingering from spring’s breath,
perched over quietudes of skeletal apostles
like cranes meditating on rippling lakes,
while the mandarin sun emerges
in eructations of whimsical morns scented
in flavors of cinnamon rolls and apple tarts.

indulging in contemplations on fall’s days
aromatic in words withering from maple limbs
tinted in variegated pastels,
with unfurling saga of reiteration
rejuvenation and reincarnation scribing itself
in unvoiced scribbles of poetry,
life seeks to redefine conventions of existence.

Autumn is a Burnished Memory


golden leaves,
burnished by amber sun,
fluttering with
precarious hold in
cinnamon scented breeze,
like flames on tree twigs
remind me of
your carefree laughter,
an aureate echo
penetrating the silence
of barren life’s moments.

twilight of fall is
a medley of splashed colors,
like a collage of dreams,
a parody of echoing verses,
it is reminiscent of
your variegated moods,
bittersweet memories
of our love and togetherness,
it is a graffiti of hope
of meeting you again,
that precedes onyx night
sequined in asters.

the aroma of saffron fall,
fills my nostrils as fragrance
of first love long lost,
like redolence of nutmeg
emanating from withered foliage
I am reminded of
your musky odor that
still lingers in my dreams
where it entered when
you held me close at night.

whimsy of autumnal rain
pouring from sailing clouds is
heard as a quaint rhapsody that
echoes on sidewalks covered
in tangerine quilts,
it is a reminder of
of those stormy tantrums
of your volatile temper,
and the tears that filled up
in your eyes’ depths…

She is an orphaned sigh of fall…


she holds a halloween broom
in wizened frailty
of a preoccupied grasp,
carelessly sweeping piles
of amber and burnt orange lyrics
withered from lips
of rustling wind-songs,
in hasty strokes~
oblivious to whispered poetry
floating in colorful swirls
tinged in dusty sighs
under her bare feet.

she has penury of fall-
its helpless silences scribbled
over her wrinkled complacence,
the cinnamon piquancy
of whimsical autumn echoing
in inarticulate susurrus
leaves her unmoved,
as lost in her introspections~
her pragmatic worries
about winter’s expenses
etching frowns on her quiet.

apple cider sweetness
of scented breeze of whimsy
leaves moments flavored in honey,
but this fails to dilute
the bitterness dealt by life,
clearing sidewalks
of yellowed, mottled molts
she yearns to similarly sweep away
all rancid ugliness
from cobblestones of survival.

the magic of autumn
leaves her weary thoughts untouched
she grips her broom as an anchor
in brewing tempest storms
yet nascent in wombs of balmy evenings,
seeking to hide behind facades
of abstract woes,
her soft gaze unseeing
while abstract graffiti thoughts,
paint rainbows in lives
parched by blazing summers.

Amber Moon of Solstice


like amber droplet
of honey on bosom of
celestial infinity,
glistening like aureate orb
in ebony vacuum.

tainted as tangerine
visage of autumn,
by fingers of earth shielding
cascading sublime gold
from the chalice of Sol.

shimmering pearl,
wept by Nyx in silence,
to glow softly on
sable velvet brocaded
in photon strewn sequins.

lingering fragment of
watery smile of Hespera
from the molten twilight’s aisle
stolen by palms of creeping
shadows of sombre night.

a round topaz
aglow on heavenly heights,
its inherent platinum sheen
erased by umbra of Gaia,
while sun fails to
donate its dower of light,
in this chilly solstice
of elastic darkness…

Vivacious are the Moods of Autumn


autumn leaves

autumn is about muted rustles
dead, burnt oranges
and aroma of humus sprinkled
over a sun-baked earth,
but it masquerades as rebirth
~a rejuvenation of spring’s hues,
leaves are dumb mockingbirds
mimicking flower petals
sighing in potpourri whimsy.

leaf petals1

it is an ebullient saga of change
as foliage are scattered
on sidewalks as fragments
of sunshine laughter,
that reiterates itself
with earth’s revolutions.

leaves on sidewalks

swaying on the armchair
drinking in vista from voyeur windows
like sips of sweet apple cider,
I bask in fall’s nutmeg poetry
~ taciturn and burnished:
an acquired taste like cafe noir.

apple cider

rains fall like vented expressions
of bottled up sentiments,
peltering earth’s blisters in soothing susurrus
and I yearn to dance in showers
to cleanse sweaty reminders of august.

autumn rain

Tangerine Trail of Fall…



mandarin sun
hanging lusciously on azure,
on a citrus morning
pours honeyed photons
on earth’s variegated platter,


while on a serpentine trail
covered in orange molts
of denuded terrestrial giants,
breeze indulges in
aromatic feast of
cinnamon rolls.


the once verdant leafage
has been gilded in gold,
by whimsical brush of nature
as on this dust trail
they fallen from lofty perches
of garrulous flutter~


pantomime as petals
withered from
embrace of a gulmohur–
reviving those days
of early summer scented
in breath of mango blossoms.


every orange leaf
forming part of fall’s carnival,
whispers soft secrets
in nutmeg syllables
into ears of indifferent breeze–


about lazy moon
who plays truant at midnight
to fall asleep on branches of oak,
the fireflies who
call themselves stars of earth,
about cricket’s weird strains
which it compared to the cuckoo’s,
of the nightingale’s love
for the hursinghar.


as I walked one autumn morn
treading softly over dewy leaves,
along this orange trail,
leaves withered and burnished,
apparently sang lullabies
to me just as in spring time–
but somehow the voice
seemed but an echo of yesterday…


Images of Autumn


silently standing nude skeletons
of sentries of nature,
once covered by lush
green foliage,
dappled by fragrant blossoms
peeping and smiling shyly,
laden with ripe juicy fruits
luring chirpy winged gluttons–

on bent boughs akin to
the embracing arms of Nature
the leaves that rustled in unison
to share untold secrets
with the gossiping wind
that were stitched by agile beaks
of the avian seamstress
into cozy welcoming coves
have long fallen and flown away–

their freshness is lost
their greenery has  turned to
yellow ,orange, red and brown
by the deft strokes
of Nature’s brush, wielded by Time

the air is balmy
its pace calm , mellow, still
the spirit of autumn
is in the air–

her aura pervades the environs
as her image peers into
nature’s veranda
through silent skeletoned groves~

standing forlorn
reminiscing the past
as an old man
past meads of youth
and cradle of childhood…

Dying Dreams of Dandelions…



obscurities of fog yield
to washcloth of an early bird sun,
with fickle sensibilities,
painting honeydew mood swings
on azure recollections,
in a frozen sigh of water-color waves.

the day awakens in
bosom of blushing hills on horizon,
winking at crescent moon~
lingering as a memory of lost dreams,
as it floods rippling waters
in starry constellations.

amid sunrays freckling
dewdrops in glowworm radiance,
dandelions droop, their smiles
faint and faded like stale cookies~
crumbling in despair,
they refuse to swing and play
in autumn infested meads,
as leaves bronze in furls of fall.

reckless autumn tramples blossoms
singing foliage to mimic fluttering flames,
as a reiterating summer
croons its swansong in showers
of pouring monsoons…