Nature’s Versatile Vignettes…


a slate-grey sky
frowning its wrath
amid tantrum throwing clouds,
showers blessings
of fluid poetry,

night dissolves
in its own pessimism,
leaving the moon forlorn
to blend in tequila sunshine
like ice-cream scoop
on mango jelly,
and orphaned stars
are adopted by benevolent bay
abounding in constellations.

of snow peppered
on wizened brow of winter,
echo in eerie night
moon shivers
and wraps itself
in warmth of muffler clouds
and stars hide
beneath the quilt of mist.

purple orchids
are syllables of evensongs,
their exuberance under
the golden glow of sunbeams.


April Showers


sailing clouds cast
colors as surreal whisper
on azure morn,
pouring sentiments on
blooming dreams,
before early bird sun
covers dewy indiscretions in
rainbow tinted fluidities
on checkered sidewalks.

rain song is tapestried
in liquid syllables
on drowsy eucalyptuses,
falling like sidelong glances
on window-panes
dusted as freckles on them,
as they share grievances
of withered hursinghars,
and whispered adieu
of crescent moon lost
in laughter of daylight.

puddles become rain-chimes
as silent streets are
sequined in music-notes,
parrot tree preens in
its scarlet leafage,
thinking up sunshine sonnets
only to be drenched
by sheepish thoughts in rain.

Vivacious are the Moods of Autumn


autumn leaves

autumn is about muted rustles
dead, burnt oranges
and aroma of humus sprinkled
over a sun-baked earth,
but it masquerades as rebirth
~a rejuvenation of spring’s hues,
leaves are dumb mockingbirds
mimicking flower petals
sighing in potpourri whimsy.

leaf petals1

it is an ebullient saga of change
as foliage are scattered
on sidewalks as fragments
of sunshine laughter,
that reiterates itself
with earth’s revolutions.

leaves on sidewalks

swaying on the armchair
drinking in vista from voyeur windows
like sips of sweet apple cider,
I bask in fall’s nutmeg poetry
~ taciturn and burnished:
an acquired taste like cafe noir.

apple cider

rains fall like vented expressions
of bottled up sentiments,
peltering earth’s blisters in soothing susurrus
and I yearn to dance in showers
to cleanse sweaty reminders of august.

autumn rain

Scents of Naiveté 


syllables uttered
by variegated gossiping wildflowers,
to an uncouth morning
fenced in swaying bamboo groves,
are like perfumed sighs
from chiseled hourglass of essence
sprayed in rancid space to erase
smudges of claustrophobia.

smell of mango blossoms
abloom under foliage draperies,
are flowered promises
of luscious tanginess
bottled into sunshine pickles,
and golden sweetness
poured into chilled glasses
for parched sensitivities.

a pie baking in oven
whispers sumptuous aromas,
like a cherished dream evolving,
a browned moment
burnished and crisp,
cooked with flavor of affection
to enhance radiance of festivities
and make life special.

under sly gaze of pale moon
hursinghars bloom
filling fragrance in nostrils
of moonlit quietude,
to be scattered on face
of dawn as petals of devotion
for rising aureate sun.

falling rain tappers,
puttering as a busybody
with kitchen utensils,
on stark, corrugated rooftops,
playing rain-chimes
on potholes with their fluidities,
and sprinkling humid breath
over freshly laundered realms,
reminiscent of brewing
cardamom tea in earthen cups
and spicy fries within
porcelain palms.

scent of September
molting its old songs in bronze,
strung as nutmeg rosary beads
on threads of existence,
are symbolic of maple’s angst
and penury of humus strewn days~
when roasted marshmallows
and cooking cinnamon rolls
add taste to bland palates.

In Memories’ Vase (Vignettes)


beautiful moon1

moon is a pearl
in indigo palm of cosmos,
shimmering with asters
pouring vanilla ice-cream
in dollops into
voracious lips of Gaea.


sailing as french lace puffs
on azure infinite,
with traces of tempest’s grey
on sublime countenance,
and hints of rainbow pastels
streaked mildly, nonchalantly
amoebic angel-pillows
strum symphony of drizzles.


the celestial pomegranate
is pealed by divinity to sprinkle
seeds on night’s veil of sombre
as twinkling asters- the
frozen fireflies on Kohl-ed skies,
or hopes aglow in despair.

frangipani in rain

raindrops fall
to pepper the taffeta
of frangipani breathing
sweet perfume,
and scroll an arch
of prismatic rainbow
on the grey expanse.


quietude of
an uninhabited island
is ripped into shards by
claws of fierce storm
its carnivorous fangs piercing
flesh of clouds to
create thunder and lightening.


hypnotic sighs
of poppies in vermilion
lull the senses into a slumber,
gifting stolen moments
of respite in anxiety.

sands of time

these glimpses are
portrayed on sands of time
as beautiful images,
like vows of true love,

flower vase

and are admired with pleasure
by soul, caressed by
breeze of bliss
and treasured as flowers
in memory’s vase,
or bottled away as fireflies
of glowing starlight…

Soft Strain of Raindrops…


falling rain rain pours

strain of
pouring rain,
strummed on
amoebic grey-white~
piano keys sailing on
muddied cerulean,
echoes on
breast of roof tiles.

and scented sighs
of drenched roses
mingles with
the breathed warmth
from salved sores
of sunburned soil,
creating bittersweet
cocktail for senses.

as moist fingers
of mist cover
clear glass panes
with hazy layer
of pseud-dew,
and a sheepish sun
hides beneath
tempest’s curtains
in flutter.

till fingers
of the rainbow,
erase the fluid kohl
from face of azure,
to adorn
the bride nature
in gossamer veil
of aureate sunshine,
while gluttonous rays
lick away
all dishwater puddles
from gravel trails.

and as this
of myriad sounds,
unfolds before
my sun-parched eyes
thirsting for
cloud’s ambrosia,
I stand my the window
watching rain
and thunder,
yearning to dance
as the eucalyptuses
in the pouring rain…

ripples of raindrops

Rain-Painted Windows



Dust-covered window panes
covered in acne marks of cobwebs,
and scratches of sunshine’s fingernails,
hide behind brocade curtains
wearing a film of translucence
rarely is the moon allowed to peep in
nor does the sun’s glare
erase the lenghthening shadows.

But the monsoon’s strain 
echoing in crystal syllables on rooftops,
tapper on glass panes as a parody
of bittersweet symphony of existence,
washing away all dust, grime and spider webs
and photon droplets of liquid sunshine,

Together etch a hand-painted scene
like the glimpse of dream come alive,
with trees lush green swaying to the rainsong,
a sun grinning sheepishly from
behind charcoal smeared clouds while
in the verdant palm of the garden
bruised rose petals lie scattered,
like the tinge of sorrow that lingers
in the realms of life’s pleasant moments…