Story of a Leaf


young leaf

born by unfurling
on some misty, dewy morn
of pouring honeydew,
from chartreuse axillary bud
this leaf spun rhapsodies
of echoing rustles,
with others on tree’s arms.

fluttering leaves

it fluttered in the wind,
with the swaying boughs
and danced in the rain
as elixir splattered on verdure,
it was spun with another
to form cradle for tailor birds,
and was adorned in dewdrops
every aureate morning.

leaf in rain

the ripe fruit or pretty flower
played hide and seek
behind this green curtain,
and caterpillars fed on
its tender sinews with leisure,
nibbling its form until
the pupa made it a butterfly.


then fall brought its array
of golds, reds and yellows,
splashing its on the green form,
and the leaf was now
pantomiming as a petal,
aroma of cinnamon in its breath
as though tainted by sunshine,
caressed by photons’ fingers.

autumn leaves1

and finally an autumnal sun
of mellowed warmth,
witnesses its fall on sidewalk,
to become just another
tangerine confetti of fall,
or the honeyed moon saw
it withering from its twig
and it floats in the embrace
of breeze to mingle in dust…

Tree’s Reminiscences…


autumn tree1

in its grasp of memory
trees in honeyed cloak
of tangerine fall, hold
evanescent moments
from drooling
mouth of hourglass.


potpourri of spring
linger as faint aroma within,
nostrils of reminiscences,
from blossom’s sighs,
winks of dewy rosebuds,
while colors from meadows
and butterflies are a collage on
canvas of memories,
cool as tender caress of zephyr.


cocktailed scents
and tastes summer’s fruits
ripened on boughs of bounty,
scarlet apples and golden mangoes
leave fingerprints smudged
over face of remembrances,
with buzz of honey bees,
oxymoron monsoon showers
and crickets serenades–
quixotic rhapsody echoing
from summer’ sweltering alleys.


sublime confetti
of january, covered in misty veils,
howls of boreas,
and songs of amnesic nightingale
singing on threshold of snow,
rare winter drizzle,
goodbye sound of migrating birds,
are memories of winter,
tree recollects as autumn
denudes its foliage of rustles
after dream of a second spring
are scattered in Notus’s hands…

Images of Autumn


silently standing nude skeletons
of sentries of nature,
once covered by lush
green foliage,
dappled by fragrant blossoms
peeping and smiling shyly,
laden with ripe juicy fruits
luring chirpy winged gluttons–

on bent boughs akin to
the embracing arms of Nature
the leaves that rustled in unison
to share untold secrets
with the gossiping wind
that were stitched by agile beaks
of the avian seamstress
into cozy welcoming coves
have long fallen and flown away–

their freshness is lost
their greenery has  turned to
yellow ,orange, red and brown
by the deft strokes
of Nature’s brush, wielded by Time

the air is balmy
its pace calm , mellow, still
the spirit of autumn
is in the air–

her aura pervades the environs
as her image peers into
nature’s veranda
through silent skeletoned groves~

standing forlorn
reminiscing the past
as an old man
past meads of youth
and cradle of childhood…

lyrics scribbled on dried leaves…



lattices of interlacing veins
etched on bosom of fluttering leaves
are orphaned from reluctant boughs,
by an infringing, cruel autumn.

fractured swansong of fall
reverberates in potpourri breeze
in broken lyrics,
barely legible on mottled leaves,
as faded manuscripts~
steepled in transience
of whimsical shades of dusk.

versatile are
the songs of foliage,
crooning lullabies to the moon–
indifferent and preoccupied,
singing aubades to sunflowers
~simpering in virgin sunlight,
the lucidity of their notes
lost in ambiguous rustles
born of winds playing on them
melodies like on piano keys.

burnished by relentless sunrays
leaves are scribed in honeydew poetry,
and even the withered yellows
fluttering in cinnamon draft,
softly voice their elusive verses
garnered from oxymoron nature…