Poetry is a Mango Chocolate Pastry



I bake poems
erasing stereotyped claustrophobias
wearing sumptuous aromas
as stole around myself.


passion is powdered cocoa
sprinkled to pepper
routine existence in sensual syllables
expressed in lowercase letters.


winking sugar granules
of mischief are ground to mix
in a delicious concoction
of fragrant thoughts.


the batter is an amalgam
of garnered snippets
from nature’s conflicting versatilities,
variegated moods of philosophy
and everyday incidents of life’s drama.

cake batter

cinnamon of fall blends
with vanilla scents from spring’s meads
while cozy warmth of winter eventides
aromatic with cappuccinos is mixed
with grapes burnished into raisins
in scorching summer sunshine.


metaphors, alliterations, similes
are whipped in like baking soda,
to enhance softness of voiced textures,
poetry burgeons within
innovative oven of imagination
to scatter thoughts like alluring whispers
of wafting appetizing smells.

cake in oven

layered in bittersweet cream icing
reminiscent of hot chocolate
from frozen shelves of december,
with a pieced jigsaw
of golden alphonso ripeness
smiling on its face as eulogy
of June’s abounding orchards…


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