Hyacinth’s Surreal Whispers


blossom born
of unprecedented
that befell
Apollo, triggered
by Zephyrus’s envy,

petals tainted
e’en eons later,
by blood of
juvenile innocence,
and tears of 
a disconsolate friend,

its freshness,
and fidelity, 
nascent poignancy
of love unrequited

into crisp air
of vagrant spring,
strewn in moths
of promiscuity,
fickle butterflies of 
pretentious infatuations, 

an apostrophe 
of angst, highlighted
despite, faded
inscriptions, obscured
o’er bosoms of 
fossilized papyrus,
lingers over mute
reminiscent of 
Ajax’s insane frenzy
as his frozen 
sigh, of impotent regret,

a bloom 
of rebirth,
morsel of satiety
for starved soul,
borrowing lavishly
from nature’s palette,
messages in 
wind’s receptive ears-

a blue flower
speaks of integrity,
purple of woe
and amnesia’s respite,

white confesses
undying love,
a blossom symbolic of 
beauty unsullied,
and prayers sublime,

red and pink 
recall flirtatious 
play, with one enamored
cherished moments 
of abbreviated love,

and yellow blazes,
ranting in jealousy
as eyes of heliotrope
caress Apollo in 
mesmerized reverence…


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