Versatile are the Definitions of Love…


love has
many degrees
and myriad levels,

a sweet child,
held close 
in its mother’s arms,
is like the love
of sun-rays for dew
and soon evanesced.

one’s own child,
of one’s own sinews
and womb,
is like nurturing love
of cotyledons
for tender embryo,
or of sepals 
for petals yet to 
unfurl into flower.

a friend is
like the love of
butterflies and roses,
of grass blades and dew
and of flamingos
with blooming lotuses,
a love that binds
the unlike
with bonds of

a sweetheart
is like the eternal love
of purple twilight
for cricket’s evensong
and of starlight
and dancing glowworms,
of moonbeams
and lovelorn oysters.


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