Vignettes Splashed in Verdure…


chartreuse modesty
of unfurled auxiliary bud,
smiles shyly 
under honeyed warmth
of virgin sunshine,
bejeweled in
sparkling beads of dew.

slimy smudges on 
wet walls of days bygone,
velvet patches of nature
trying to fill cracks
of ancient walls,
or to prevent all
unsung legends of past  
from pouring through
lips of old walls eager
to tell those untold tales.

deep waters
silent as past’s whispers
of blue-green lagoon,
mirroring the amoebic clouds
sailing on azure heights,
is a poetry of serenity
writ in the language
of whirling ripples.

within embrace
of the green woods,
brocaded in
flutters of myriads of birds,
hurry of scurrying squirrels,
fragrances of wildflowers,
and braided shadows
nature stretches
her limbs to caress
the contours of quietude.

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