Verse in Turquoise…


silk-embroidered, turquoise feathers
dances to rhapsodies of falling rain
as once to mellifluous tunes of Krishna’s flute.

guarding gates of paradise
devil lured it to allow entry,
on resplendent, fanning feathers
glow hundred vigilant eyes of faithful Argus~
embedded in his memory by Hera.

a visual poem quilled by the gods
dexterously crocheted to titivate
throne of kismet , borrowing silken chords
from the coiffeurs of Iris,
or is it where celestial orbs of night
hide in brilliance of daylight,
lying languorously, in slumber till dusk
and where sun reclines at night?

wearing angelic patterns on feathers,
its voice like the devil it swallowed
it walks stealthily on velvety whispers.

bird, Saraswati deity of knowledge rides
~eyes of omniscience staring from its plumage,
a symbol of immortality, fidelity and undying love
that lives beyond the grave and breathes loyal.

Indra’s alter image, it dances in rapture,
his wand flashing to herald rainfall,
ridden by kama, it is incarnate desire
a verse in turquoise walking in aloof vanity,
plumage rarely displayed, emotions stoic
its dancing delight an unfading memory…


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