lyrics scribbled on dried leaves…



lattices of interlacing veins
etched on bosom of fluttering leaves
are orphaned from reluctant boughs,
by an infringing, cruel autumn.

fractured swansong of fall
reverberates in potpourri breeze
in broken lyrics,
barely legible on mottled leaves,
as faded manuscripts~
steepled in transience
of whimsical shades of dusk.

versatile are
the songs of foliage,
crooning lullabies to the moon–
indifferent and preoccupied,
singing aubades to sunflowers
~simpering in virgin sunlight,
the lucidity of their notes
lost in ambiguous rustles
born of winds playing on them
melodies like on piano keys.

burnished by relentless sunrays
leaves are scribed in honeydew poetry,
and even the withered yellows
fluttering in cinnamon draft,
softly voice their elusive verses
garnered from oxymoron nature…


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