A Bowl of Potpourri


melange of blended, dried assortments,

blended fragrances

concocting verses  for the senses,

spreads redolent breath in breeze.


reminiscent of stolen kisses, in rendezvous

under fondly doting stars and moon,

mystery of forgotten yesteryears

of boisterous waves caressing golden sands

cradling oyster shells gravid with pearls,

aroma from home’s kitchen

and perfume of burning sticks of incense,

burnt on pious altars of temples,

fragrance from bruised roses

smiling amid prickly thorns

and scented whispers of night jasmine

echoing in rustle of vagrant breeze.


in medley, exotic olio lies in a crystal bowl

sitting as sterile bric-a-brac on my table,

to add flavors to room air rejuvenating  senses.


as I see gallimaufry in the bowl

appreciated even after withering  and drying,

a few drops of elixir added to enhance piquancy,

I yearn to be a potpourri after demise

living as breath of fragrant rapture in memories

with  ambrosia of past anecdotes

to enhance my redolence…


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