Poetry is Born…

as moonbeam’s quill
brushes bosom
of violet ocean in
sheaves of shimmers,
breathing pearls
into oysters’ uteri.

poetry flows
from my pen’s nib
like a dream reborn,
a fountain 
rippling out to
vent pent up emotion.

with feelings
finding diaphanous wings
of flowery verse,
poetry soars the skies
of expression.

and as mute hope
finds voice in poetry,
and love’s shades
as wisteria on vines
and wildflowers
on foothills clad in velvet,
in sinews of verse.

I find a new way
to embroider life’s pages…


4 thoughts on “Poetry is Born…

  1. Dr. Srita, I looked on your Word Press page to learn a little more about you, and I saw that you have an earned doctoral degree. May I ask what your specialty is? I would not be a bit surprised to learn that it is in Poetry!
    Interestingly, I, too, have a doctoral degree from Kansas State University in the USA. Where did you go to university, and what degree did you earn?
    It is almost midnight here in the US, so I must go to bed soon. However, I will check tomorrow to see if you saw my message. I am delighted to meet you here and look forward to reading more of your poems. Blessings on you and your household.

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