Stilettos of Nature…


rain is a style diva
her feet clad in sparkling stilettos
chiseled in snowflakes’ glitters
as she matches her elegant gait
to rippling rhapsodies
etched by her feet on verdure,

she is a cinderalla,
wearing glass slippers
waltzing over fluidities
of cloud-crooned songs, as she searches
for her lost prince charming
beyond variegated rainbow-thresholds.

cascade is a juvenile lass
prancing in her new silver pumps down
mossy geometrics of hillsides,
her footsteps fall on grey stones

as fingers playing over
the mixed feelings of piano keys,
to give birth to nascent melodies
which lull dark woods into slumber,
while a voyeur sun gazes mesmerized.

feet of aureate dawn are
like treading softness of nostalgia,
emblazoned on landscapes and skies
in pastel-footprints,
her scarlet sandals of velvet dreams
falling in scented whispers on lifelines

petals of many red flowers
are stitched together to adorn her feet,
the vermilion tint of limbs
painted in festivities making
sensitivities of stoic heavens blush,
and powder mountains in gold dust
as she heralds another saga of daylight.


Poetic Glimpses in Nature…


dirty blue tides crashing
against sands of a relentless shore,
with pink, empty sea-shells
and conchs enceinte with dulcet notes
grasped within platinum fists,
are like hurling, burgeoning poetry
within which thoughts seek
to dive and explore in cerulean depths,
discovering angst of bleeding dusks
and their lavender scrolls,
muted songs of cavorting dolphins,
exotic tales of pirates,
lush silences of uninhabited isles
and cockiness of racing seahorses.

autumn is strewn in rustles
tinted in volatile golds and bronzes,
blazing torches of october
light the trail to a misty winter,
in its variegated pastels smiles poetry
sun-kissed yellows sigh potpourri metaphors
on the cheeks of autumn clouds,
verdant naiveté is burnt into browns
maturing as middle-aged anecdotes,
on rocking chair contemplation,
leaves become mottled sonnets
scribed from quill of fall
inked in mellow sunshine script.

summer waterfalls in silver-clad feet
skip down a geometric hillside~
poetry reverberates in a sweet fluidity,
sprinkling satiation over
parched realms of lemonade-lorn summers,
bare toes in cascading waters,
trailing down as snowflake’s tears
feel the placidity of monsoon-symphonies,
rippling over naked feet
and tickling soles of sensitivities,
it erases grime and sweat
to scribe lines of surreal poetry
on balmy afternoons of august.

butterflies on wings
like fragmented moments of twilights,
flutters to dissolve their echoes
into fragrant realms of zephyr,
like radiant lines of versatile verse
they are like dreams brocaded
on the loom of slumber,
poetry emerges like a collage
of cloth pieces, a patchwork of colors,
in the boudoir of spring
nectar from blooming hope pens
these poetic stanza punctuated in
periods of whimsical pollen,
hennaed over butterfly feet.

Summer Laughs in Mustard Blossoms


mustard blooms

laughter of exuberant summer
echoes in blooming mustard’s gold
reminiscent of artless grin
of a rustic, unaffected beauty
unaware of her own allure.

summer waterfall

mirth of summer ripples
in melodious footsteps of prancing cascades
which tapestry igneous harshness
in stardust dreams reverberating
with silver serenades of melting snow.

summer sky

skies are a larkspur’s desire
with wispy clouds sailing
like transient wistful thoughts,
while turquoise lake is bejeweled
as a bride by sunbeams.


mischief of summer lurks
in children’s eyes
as they gaze at mango laden boughs
winking with luscious promises
from beyond the orchard boundaries.


on balmy evenings crickets strum
strains amid thistle,
while fireflies sigh fluorescence
over drooping heads of wildflowers
singed by blazing sun-flames.

puddle splash

the whimsy of summer
is poured in monsoon showers,
that salve sunburned skin of life,
enveloping wilted verdure in freshness,
while her innocence is reflected
in children’s giggles,
as they splash hopscotch
over puddled faces of potholes.


summer has a volatile temper
expressed in thunder and lightening
as she brews her stormy concoctions
cooling cinders on cerulean heights,
drenching an impudent sun
and splintering the quietude
of a sultry midsummer day.