Nature’s Versatile Vignettes…


a slate-grey sky
frowning its wrath
amid tantrum throwing clouds,
showers blessings
of fluid poetry,

night dissolves
in its own pessimism,
leaving the moon forlorn
to blend in tequila sunshine
like ice-cream scoop
on mango jelly,
and orphaned stars
are adopted by benevolent bay
abounding in constellations.

of snow peppered
on wizened brow of winter,
echo in eerie night
moon shivers
and wraps itself
in warmth of muffler clouds
and stars hide
beneath the quilt of mist.

purple orchids
are syllables of evensongs,
their exuberance under
the golden glow of sunbeams.


Stilettos of Nature…


rain is a style diva
her feet clad in sparkling stilettos
chiseled in snowflakes’ glitters
as she matches her elegant gait
to rippling rhapsodies
etched by her feet on verdure,

she is a cinderalla,
wearing glass slippers
waltzing over fluidities
of cloud-crooned songs, as she searches
for her lost prince charming
beyond variegated rainbow-thresholds.

cascade is a juvenile lass
prancing in her new silver pumps down
mossy geometrics of hillsides,
her footsteps fall on grey stones

as fingers playing over
the mixed feelings of piano keys,
to give birth to nascent melodies
which lull dark woods into slumber,
while a voyeur sun gazes mesmerized.

feet of aureate dawn are
like treading softness of nostalgia,
emblazoned on landscapes and skies
in pastel-footprints,
her scarlet sandals of velvet dreams
falling in scented whispers on lifelines

petals of many red flowers
are stitched together to adorn her feet,
the vermilion tint of limbs
painted in festivities making
sensitivities of stoic heavens blush,
and powder mountains in gold dust
as she heralds another saga of daylight.

Glimpses in Yellow…


Glimpses in Yellow








icteric glow of street light,
winks at jealous moon
hung high afar,
as enamored moths
dance in its radiance
assuming it to be moon,
forming chiaroscuro on
asphalted bosom
of winding gravel trails.

petals of
sublime frangipani,
are dappled in
a sunshine yellow
by nature’s paint brush,
as a summer firefly
casting its fluorescence,
on snow-white corolla.

moths of vagrancy
humming serenades of love
in Vertumnus’ carnival,
with wings fringed in kohl
and splattered in
yellow polka dot pollens,
are cassanovas of spring
flirting with blooming flowers.

sunflowers smiling
jubilantly in cascading tequila
of a summer day
are eyes of unrequited love,
gazing mesmerized at
oblivious beloved,
wearing sun-flame corona
on brown heads.

yellowed pages
of dogeared, moth-eaten diaries
with scribbles of sepia anecdotes
faded from fragile paper,
and pressed rose petals
of lingering memory~
are reverberations
from alleys of forgotten past
revived when pages are reread
after time’s passage.

cinnamon autumn
in variegated pastels
has many shades of yellow,
speckling foliage-faces,
once a garrulous verdure with
strokes of an array of yellows,
for in fall leaves seek
to masquerade as petals
with soft cinnamon scents.

Piecing Summer’s Jigsaw…




within curdled depths

of rancid summer afternoons,

the refrigerator no longer sighs

in soft, misted murmurs,

the air conditioner indulges

in daydream lapses,

on lethargic winter eventides

echoing with cackling monologues

of November inglenooks,

electric buzz of humming cicadas

is ignored in moments

scented in syllables

of brewing chamomile tea.


singed borders

of withering marigolds,

pepper grass blades in softness,

gaudy grins of china roses

hedge caressing days in stale scents,

sunbeams of seasoned fragility

are scissored into concentric curves

of chiaroscuros,

like crepe-paper ribbons,

by razor-sharp tongues

of elastic, whimsical shadows .


doves on tired, reluctant wings,

coo in cotton-puff monosyllables,

freckling summer mornings

in the sparkle of dewy naiveté.

fractured gerunds glissade,

as silver waterfall cascading sonnets,

reverberating within secrets

of verdure  woods, yet to be unraveled,

when winter talcumed peaks

croon in lyrical waterfalls.


evenings have sultry moods,

like silken pleats on gypsy clouds ,

gulped down parched feelings

and sweating crystal glasses

of sherbet cool sensibilities

like water poured

on sizzling splutters of leaves

burnished and bronzed

on hot frying pan august noons…