Reflections of Winter Sun…


wizened winter sun
is like a faint smile
on a face wreathed in wrinkles,
as it gazes with eyes
reminiscing sepia yesteryears,
its rays on snow-salted pine tops,
like golden honey trickling down
icy contours of popsicles.

it remembers its juvenile days
when it woke up to
scented yawns of frangipani
its blonde mane laced in dewdrops,
while scores of drowsy sunflowers
reflected its lazy grin,
and its face was a ripe red plum
staining brightening azure
in its vermilion juices, at dawn.

it recalls sweltering days of summer
that were like harshness of blazing cinders
frosting hourglass existences
in sweat beads of moisture,
remembering the chiaroscuros spun
on shady looms of palm fronds,
the balmy hours flavored
in sweet-sour sips of lemonades,
and longevities of august days ending
in variegated poetics of sultry dusk
winking in fluorescent fireflies.

tempest clouds tinted in grays
are like salt and pepper maturity
of a middle aged person,
shivering, geriatric sun of snow
remembers rainstorms with howling winds
tossing its drenched realms like a frisbee,
while lightening flashed as spluttering mustard
in hot oil on frying pan moments~
its silver arms like opportunity’s limbs,
and trumpeting thunder rattled
introspections of cobwebby windows,
until rainbows concluded this rancor.

cinnamon days glowing in mandarin sighs
of a sun preoccupied with armchair reflections
are remembered by it in december mists,
it recalls taste of apple cider and pumpkin pies
gracing the table tops of october,
soft,rustling melodies reverberating on
piano keys of cobblestones,
are remembered in fractured fragments
of frayed and orphaned lyrics
by a sun with memories lurking on
the whimsical edge of age-lorn dementia.

now peering through foggy days
with eyes covered in presbyopic lenses
and scales of withering memories,
sun slowly walks along chilled brevities
of faded days of winter,
drinking in not the bland barren scenes
but reliving the memories of brighter days
rifling through them as snapshots,
as a twilight etched in stale crayons
unfolds as an epilogue to another winter day…


Citrus Blossomed Mornings…


lemon blossoms

a tempest doused sun
sits outside on cloudy armchairs,
drying limp,blond locks
in the rain-kissed breeze,
watching innocence splash
in puddles to splatter mud on
faint echoes of rain-song
reverberating as violin strains
resounding even after
versicolor epilogue of rainbows
hung on horizon’s threshold.

citrus blossoms sigh
psalms on cerise pedestal of dawn,
whispered lines of poetry
breathed into a silent draft,
caress drowsy eyelids of slumber
like petal-soft touch
of elusive daydreams,
pouring into harshness tortured ears
as soothing,honeyed symphonies.

naked feet on dewy grass,
imbibe ambrosia of nature’s embrace
as nostrils inhale deep breaths
of scented zephyr,
and inquisitive sunbeams sneak
through raven strands
weaving a halo for her face,
enhancing sparkle of her smile.

picking night jasmine
as testimonies of hymeneals
of daylight and moon-sheen at ughten,
she captures withered lemon flowers
in curious palms
breathing in citric fragrance,
but these piquant flowers
like the laughter of snowflakes
are not suitable for temple’s pedestal,
destined to be momentarily sniffed
and forgotten on dewy grass blades
like shattered dreams…

Golden Morning Unfolds…


golden morn

the sun
with his golden mane
braided into pigtails by fingers
of ambidextrous night breeze
unbraids his hair,
unraveling the secrets of
its dreams in colors on
the faces of floating clouds
at versicolor dawn.

shimmering bay

babbling brook’s mouth
is filled with treacle dribbling from
fingertips of sunshine,
while sleepy stars form
a bodice for her rippling form,
while a beaming sun
looks on really mesmerized.

flowers at dawn2
beauty of aurora is
brocaded by sighs of flowers
gently arisen by
fondling caress of sun-rays,
while night jasmines wither
like alms falling from
myriad palms of beggar tree.


cacophony of
early rising swallows echoes
to badger dozing eucalyptuses,
while rooster, boasting
a hibiscus-crown,crows
awakening drooping sleepyheads
of snow-white lilies.


sunflower believes
empty promises of ever and after,
made by benign morning sun,
gently licking away dewy tears
of departed night,
only to be baffled by
his changing moods when
it frowns belligerently at noon…

Lethargy of a Cuddly Morn…



one lethargic morning
lazily stretching golden arms
to come out of night’s chrysalis
as a metamorphosed butterfly
of diaphanous wings,
lingered a tad longer within
cozy comfort of cloudy quilts,

the eager sun burst
at the kohl tinted horizons
in vermilion anticipation,
bathing realms of faint light
in cascading photons,

while a content moon still
slept on the lofty arms of a tree
disrobed by autumnal breeze,
casting its soft glow on
face of tranquil earth in slumber
as sparkling pearls of dew.

hence the primordial dawn
basked in sunshine’s tequila and
pouring vermouth from moon’s lips,
for once tasting an elusive cocktail
to delight ravenous senses,

the moon is like a juvenile lass
blushing an amber gold
beneath the caressing gaze of
her beloved and the photon kisses
burnt on her serene visage by sun-flames.

while lovers separated by
stringent norms of the hourglass
smile at each other before
one completely loses itself in
refulgent embrace of the other.