Dusk to Dawn…


amethyst skies
at crepuscular hour
are reflected on sapphire waters,
as epistles of poetic calligraphy
resonating with versatile hues,

when the topaz sun
is gobbled as mandarin morsel
and periwinkle heights
pantomime a giant chrysoberyl,
of oxymoron shades
soon blending into
an obsidian night.

the opal moon
ailing with insomnia pours over
ivory, printed volumes,
in long hours of silent onyx night,
and the diamond stars
effulgent above peer at the lovers
painting rainbow dreams
within molasses of eyelashes.

budding chartreuse whispers
kiss fringes of
a blossoming tourmaline dawn,
the sky like an armful of scented orchids
with a silver lunar sliver
on the distant aquamarine,
like a half forgotten love song
lingering on edge of reverie.


Nature’s Versatile Vignettes…


a slate-grey sky
frowning its wrath
amid tantrum throwing clouds,
showers blessings
of fluid poetry,

night dissolves
in its own pessimism,
leaving the moon forlorn
to blend in tequila sunshine
like ice-cream scoop
on mango jelly,
and orphaned stars
are adopted by benevolent bay
abounding in constellations.

of snow peppered
on wizened brow of winter,
echo in eerie night
moon shivers
and wraps itself
in warmth of muffler clouds
and stars hide
beneath the quilt of mist.

purple orchids
are syllables of evensongs,
their exuberance under
the golden glow of sunbeams.

Birth of a Star


inner turmoils,
brocade vignettes of woe
and rippling cascades,
whirling hurricanes
of words and thoughts
concoct serenades
and stories, fables and
fairy tales filled with
fantasy and imagery,
metaphors and similes.

with paint brush of
dipped in palette of
molten rainbows,
aisles are adorned in
stolen moments of life,
of evanesced memories
or epitomes of fantasy.

when asters born
of elixir droplets sprinkled
over the sable infinite,
from bosom of Hera
collide on cosmic sojourns,
comets are born,
etching shimmering paths
by jazzing on stardust feet.

and in magmatic depths
of earth’s cauldrons,
hibernating skeletons
of ancient timber,
turn into prismatic diamonds
that sparkle forever
weaving gossamer veils
of variegated rays…

  • Stardust (nathancarlsonguitar25.wordpress.com)

Celestial Dialogue over Espressos


insomniac stars sit
over sailing settees of clouds
sipping fuming espressos
in fragilities of porcelain
gossiping about trifles on
their nocturnal vigil.

comets volley over
fluidities of gaping silences,
a loner moon indulges
in introspections as it sprinkles
vermouth on surreal slumbers,
while planets orbiting
on premeditated paths spin
dreams with stardust sparkles.

the garrulous stars are
in conference scheduled till ughten,
when preparations begin
for the arrival of sun’s chariot,
they talk about moody moon
its waxing and waning temperament
and changing character
with seasonal metamorphosis,

they discuss intuition of shooting stars
their predilection for prophesies,
and predicting future’s uncertainties
at times wishing upon them
for a cloudy night of relaxation,
stars talk about planetary motion
and its influence on human existence
how their gait can alter
the stride of whimsical time.

sipping espressos to ward
off both chill and allure of sleep,
they chat about confused moths
who orbit streetlights
while lovelorn for distant moon,
and about oysters seeded
by moonlight in opalescence,
grumbling at the cheat fireflies
who try to imitate starry radiance.