Autumn Exuberance


kissing and tickling
footsteps of departing summer,

burnished foliage
~cinnamon confetti
tinted in red, yellow and orange

showered on solitude
of dust trails fringed
in dead grass,

flies vagrant like syllables
of a half-forgotten love-song~

lingering on crutches
of fake confabulations.

are moods of verdure,

stained by life’s versatile experiences
in graffiti hues born
from pastels of oxymoron autumn,

streaked on juvenile flutters
yester-years tempered
in the cauldrons of dead past

one last sigh
of exuberance born
from nature

before widowed and wizened
she wraps herself~

in geriatric shivers and
frostbitten mists
of armchair nostalgia…


The seasonal kaleidoscope


twirling earth orbits sun’s radiance
like frenzied moths in street light,
nature moults moods, like chameleon hues~
love of  Aphrodite and Adonis
blooms, to herald spring.

in a carnival of songbirds,
fragrant meads, blossomed trees,
dainty butterfly wings,
flirtatious, humming moths, 
bluer, crispier mornings,
sprouting chartreuse — yet unfurled,
dewdrops salted on verdure
and rainbows bridging horizons,

the kaleidoscope rotates~
temper of Helios rises
streamlining  rivers’ exuberance,
cotton puff wombs
harbor storms and lightening, 
heralding downpours to satiate
arid throat of thirsting life,
golden corn sways in fields,
mangoes wink through foliage.

leaves are dappled in burnished shades
from nature’s palette,
fruits pile bough’s expectations,
greens turn to browns,
fluttering at wind’s fancy,
stripped trees silhouette sun’s reverie.

ivory snow quilts lethargy,
sun smiles lukewarm benevolence
through misty translucence,
squirrels and hares burrow into dreams,
bird fleeing to warmer lands
as hissing chill spans
fingers over nature’s brow.

cycle of seasons
mimics cycle of human life
spring is a cherub,
summer a youth of energy and passion,
autumn brings maturity 
and armchair complacence
of middle age,
winter is a wizened old pensioner,
surviving bland days on arthritic limbs 
and rationed, sparse memories
shriveled in sepia snapshots.