Sky is a Kaleidoscope…


winter morn5

peppermint sighs
of a sheepish winter sun
hastily munching away icicles in morn,
while shivering in caramel kisses
of sugared snowflakes,
are frosted over organza skies
in soft cerise and mauve syllables,
as cherry blossoms and wisterias
in fragrant bloom.

tempest skies1

the bipolar moods
of monsoon tempests are scrolled
in mascara swirls on the infinite blue~
punctuated in thunder trumpets
and lightning intuition,
this is like an epistle of adieu scribed
in peppered droplets of emotions,
a love story writ in bittersweet words
with a happy epilogue
radiant in ribbons of rainbows.

summer noon1

the noons of sultry summers
are gaudy as loud echoes of laughter,
that filter through foliage
like fingers of intrigue to tapestry
preoccupations like chiaroscuros,
stern sun pours tequila
over landscapes in aureate ripples,
as sailing lily-petal clouds
try to mellow harshness of sunshine
and brooks preen ornamented
in golden filigree.

twilight sky1

crepuscules of whimsy
are like embroidered silhouettes of fall
transiently aglow on cerulean heights,
as though a memory is revived
in a tender moment of reflection,
only to be buried in anonymity of past,
just as Medusa of nocturne
gulps away colorful fluidities of dusk,
while avian cacophony prophesies
contrasting quietudes of impending night.

night sky

velvet obscurities of night
sequined in platitudes of faint starlight,
with a singular opal moon gilded
on stark darkness of midnight,
like a sparkling pearl within oyster’s womb,
stardust is sprinkled on cosmic mysteries
to compose versatile vignettes of dreams,
this sky is like a fairytale with
a princess moon awaiting in shackles
for the golden warrior to rescue at dawn.


Celestial Dialogue over Espressos


insomniac stars sit
over sailing settees of clouds
sipping fuming espressos
in fragilities of porcelain
gossiping about trifles on
their nocturnal vigil.

comets volley over
fluidities of gaping silences,
a loner moon indulges
in introspections as it sprinkles
vermouth on surreal slumbers,
while planets orbiting
on premeditated paths spin
dreams with stardust sparkles.

the garrulous stars are
in conference scheduled till ughten,
when preparations begin
for the arrival of sun’s chariot,
they talk about moody moon
its waxing and waning temperament
and changing character
with seasonal metamorphosis,

they discuss intuition of shooting stars
their predilection for prophesies,
and predicting future’s uncertainties
at times wishing upon them
for a cloudy night of relaxation,
stars talk about planetary motion
and its influence on human existence
how their gait can alter
the stride of whimsical time.

sipping espressos to ward
off both chill and allure of sleep,
they chat about confused moths
who orbit streetlights
while lovelorn for distant moon,
and about oysters seeded
by moonlight in opalescence,
grumbling at the cheat fireflies
who try to imitate starry radiance.

Moon Speaks in Sparkling Syllables…


moon is a pallid sigh
lingering on
edges of cosmic quietude,
as a leftover crumb
from lunch table
of daylight’s chaos.

huddled shadows
gossip in eerie whispers,
beneath gossamer bed covers
of moonlight satin,
while wistful bay indulges
in fumbling, stuttering dream
of a crumpled moon.

a lonely maple
reaches high on tiptoe,
to try to pluck
harvest moon from
unfathomable depths of nights,
with leafless fingers
like prongs of a giant fork,
grasping at opportunities
as shooting stars.

hurling waves
crash against fang-like shores
as shattering hopes,
while a pearl moon
seeds oyster wombs in
reflections of secret fantasies
and echoing promiscuities.

moths flutter
their inadequacies
under a delinquent streetlight,
craving all the while
for elusive moon perched
high on a stagnant indigo moment,
cynical smile ridiculing
the moth’s illusions.

A Rendezvous With Crescent Moon…


crescent moon2

the moon is a silver sliver
perched over lapels of blackberry nights,
a brooch on nocturnal bosom
like fragment of wilted dream lurking
in vacuous ambiguities of night sky,
a cloudy quilts cuddle
it in soft cotton-wool realms,
a flickering smile of the night
seeking to dilute its morose overtones.

we together shared a rendezvous of silence
as it alit on ripples of grappa bay
its countenance wreathed in tired wrinkles,
we shared roasted peanuts
sprinkled in rock salt and pepper
munching our elusive togetherness in quietude
sipping hot cocoa aromas
with chocolate-addicted tongues
licking away molten mustaches
from upper lips coated in sweetness,
as the night flowed gently
as a river epitomizing quiet grace.

wearing lunar crescent in raven mane
night preens in lake’s mirror,
as a coquette wearing starry tiara~
I and the moon share stimulating dialogue
talking of shooting stars leaving
stardust footprints in argent stilettos,
to prophesy the moods of morrows,
of sultry scents of blooming jasmine
destined to perfume threshold of dawn,
of frenzied moths in salsa
beneath jaundiced sheen of street lamps.

swapping smiles we played with fireflies–
crooning lullabies of fluorescence,
gathering dewdrops from sleeping lotus petals
it was a fragrant moment
when time stood still entranced
until the serenade of falling rain broke
the trance as bursting bubbles,
and you fled to hide under the clouds
only to foolishly drench yourself
in the pouring chill of rain-showers…

crescent moon1