the dialect of butterflies,
she searches
for the meaning of dreams
in fireflies’ winks,

while dewdrops
glow in morning light
as fragments of rainbows…


Summer Laughs in Mustard Blossoms


mustard blooms

laughter of exuberant summer
echoes in blooming mustard’s gold
reminiscent of artless grin
of a rustic, unaffected beauty
unaware of her own allure.

summer waterfall

mirth of summer ripples
in melodious footsteps of prancing cascades
which tapestry igneous harshness
in stardust dreams reverberating
with silver serenades of melting snow.

summer sky

skies are a larkspur’s desire
with wispy clouds sailing
like transient wistful thoughts,
while turquoise lake is bejeweled
as a bride by sunbeams.


mischief of summer lurks
in children’s eyes
as they gaze at mango laden boughs
winking with luscious promises
from beyond the orchard boundaries.


on balmy evenings crickets strum
strains amid thistle,
while fireflies sigh fluorescence
over drooping heads of wildflowers
singed by blazing sun-flames.

puddle splash

the whimsy of summer
is poured in monsoon showers,
that salve sunburned skin of life,
enveloping wilted verdure in freshness,
while her innocence is reflected
in children’s giggles,
as they splash hopscotch
over puddled faces of potholes.


summer has a volatile temper
expressed in thunder and lightening
as she brews her stormy concoctions
cooling cinders on cerulean heights,
drenching an impudent sun
and splintering the quietude
of a sultry midsummer day.