Enceinte Caffeine Blues…



Tarpaulin sky
– clad in faded denims
taciturn with
meager candy-floss helpings
in sugar-lorn fingers,
holds a gingerbread sun
sprinkling honey
with sticky fingertips.

Shivering fingers-
frostbitten, bone-chilled
caress porcelain cheeks,
imbibing warmth lent by brew
sighing in aromatic sibilants
to erase freckled frost
from faces of sepia panes.

Gingerly I sniff
nostrils prejudiced by
mention of ‘decaffeinated’
at the proffered cup,
yearning for brew nectar of
freshly ground beans.

A crumbled cookie
begs for a dip in the cup,
a hesitant sip waters
a tongue long in withdrawal
without ‘real’ coffee.

Lopsided grimace
approximates a smile as I gulp
the insipid excuse
patiently awaiting attention
on fragile saucer of hope.

Munching at
coffee flavored candy
for solace,
I yield to alluring scents
beckoning from
the neighboring café…