Fairy-tales of the Meads -2…


Rapunzel tendrils
of dusk-lorn wisterias,
hang in scented breeze
casting long, sinuous shadows
in receding light
and streetlight speculations.

Cinderella escapades
of butterflies
fluttering their nervousness
while ranting in
language of ambiguities,
donning firefly-refulgence
under moonlit fantasies
to ballet in floral ballrooms
only to be left
holding a pumpkin at midnight.

Sleeping beauty,
lost in eternal slumber
wakes up to honeydew kiss of spring
to spread her laughter~
as a golden daffodil,
making the dawn redolent.

whispers of night-jasmine
peppered on soil,
are each like spawned love-child
of sunshine wedded to the moon,
poetry of white and saffron
and perfumed in love.


Epitaph of Narcissus



epitaph engraved
on tombstones as heartfelt accolades
to a departed soul,
poured emotions in golden words
written with ink of love,

but those whom none adored
whose insipid lives
remained barren, devoid
of ambrosia of affection,
are forgotten, buried in oblivion.


Narcissus had led such a life
a selfish ,self-engrossed existence
shunning all enamored
his ethereal, sculpted beauty
never acknowledging beauty of love
and boon he’d been endowed.

ruining the nymph Echo
and death of Amenias in love
on his threshold ,
bewailing his heartlessness
the Nemesis then punished
his callous and vain stance
falling a victim to his own beauty
enchanted by his own reflection
he died of unrequited love.

curse of narcissus

by poolside bloomed a sad flower
with grief in transparent veins,
gazing lovelorn at own reflection
in the Styx with longing,

a flower with soporific breath
and hueful bloom,
it lured the innocent Persephone
away aiding Hades in her abduction
as the pure elixir changed into wine
in blazing hearth of earth~
such is saga of daffodil
invisibly etched on history…