A Glissando Metamorphosis


mating moments
of kaleidoscopic quivers,
in pheromone-crazed clock ticks,
in winter’s frostbitten minutes 
or spring’s scented gasps,
glue eggs on verdure~
new life takes birth.

centipede-like gluttony,
crawls as vermiform creature,
nibbling foliage rustles,
while memories and regrets 
moult in cuticles, 
dreams abound 
in stained-glass wings 
and redolent zephyr-trysts.

days are somnolent 
under leafage, hibernating 
in obscurity of chrysalis,
miniature wings forgotten as
time stands still
like toppled hourglass,
with pocketfuls 
of nascent moments .

drying gossamer wings
in filigree sunshine,
a resplendent imago is poetry
perched on thought’s ledge,
eagerly whispering,
‘its time sip ambrosia from
nectarine lips.’Image