Baking a Cappuccino



self raising flour
of myriad contemplations,
are sifted through
sieve of self critique
to blend with bittersweet mixture
of coffee granules and sugar
garnered from moods
of a bipolar life,

softened butter of emotions
hardened into indifference
is spooned into measured oil of
generosity and decency
baking powder and soda are sprinkled
into batter of versatile desires
to make dense realities
fluffy as Morpheus’ fantasies,

while a fuming oven
of fixated ideologies sighs
in overheated syllables
as it impatiently awaits arrival
of fickle fluidities to
convert into a sweet decadence
to savor on palate of introspections,
mouthing expletives
and appreciations in tandem.

as the aroma of a baking cappuccino
fills nostrils of bland thoughts,
icing of coffee cream tasting
like mixed sentiments,
is prepared by an industrious spoon
to layer over bronzed realms
of freshly chiseled interpretations.

dark chocolate of mystique
is grated over dithering indecisions
to cover with an innovative mix
of assorted dry fruits,
on the stoic face of baked wishes
and stands within an atmosphere
of pregnant anticipations
awaiting the spoon of
adventurous, connoisseur gluttony.