Vivacious are the Moods of Autumn


autumn leaves

autumn is about muted rustles
dead, burnt oranges
and aroma of humus sprinkled
over a sun-baked earth,
but it masquerades as rebirth
~a rejuvenation of spring’s hues,
leaves are dumb mockingbirds
mimicking flower petals
sighing in potpourri whimsy.

leaf petals1

it is an ebullient saga of change
as foliage are scattered
on sidewalks as fragments
of sunshine laughter,
that reiterates itself
with earth’s revolutions.

leaves on sidewalks

swaying on the armchair
drinking in vista from voyeur windows
like sips of sweet apple cider,
I bask in fall’s nutmeg poetry
~ taciturn and burnished:
an acquired taste like cafe noir.

apple cider

rains fall like vented expressions
of bottled up sentiments,
peltering earth’s blisters in soothing susurrus
and I yearn to dance in showers
to cleanse sweaty reminders of august.

autumn rain


Thoughts Brewed in my Kitchen


tea leaves bleed
aromatic synonyms in water
as it bubbles to fill
piquant anticipations in gaze
of lethargic, mist-draped winters,
poured into chiseled transparencies,
insinuating russet delights
of sweet apple cider.

cookie crumbles
voicing soft innuendoes
of honeyed pleasures,
unheeded by a tongue rolling
in hurriedly munched bites
tinged in caffeinated sips
as preoccupations enshroud
sensibilities of an overwrought mind.

as currency crisp afternoon
crumble like stale scones,
into twilights crocheted in wildflowers,
warming cold-numbed fingers
over brewing warmth of coffee
I rifle through lists of ingredients
needed for impending supper.

appetizing breath of curry
fills the blandness of shivering nights,
preening in starry tiarras,
as moments shell and crunch
their oxymoron moods
like fire-kissed peanuts,
seasoned in finger-licking spices
luring gluttony from
routine monotony of dinner table.

ice-creams relax
their realms undiluted by winter nights
cuddled in snowflake sighs,
while hot chocolate sauce laces
their frozen dreams in passion,
and chilled spoonfuls
are gulped in rapture
to frill cold in icy pleasures.