You Are A Mirage…


on yellowed
and moth-eaten pages
of nostalgia,
love scribes with
the quill of reverie,
spilling in language a tale
of lost love~

an autumnal love story
withered to
burnished confetti
under the vision
of a voyeur harvest moon.

lingering as
a wordless, faceless tune
within threads of breath
as a whistled strain~
your memory lives

your smile beckons
from beyond horizons
clad in mist and mystery,
your face a poetry
of beauty and symmetry.

gathering radiance
from moonlit benevolence,
and fragrance from
roses dancing in the rain
exuberance from moths
in frenzied salsa under
icteric streetlamps,

colors from
rainbows and autumn foliage,
music from rippling cascades
their feet clad
in stilettos of silver,
energy from waves
crowned in frothy coronets~

I seek to
recreate that lost magic,
revive that
passion of first love
long faded like the scent
of withered hursinghars
at twilight,

and capture you
like fingers trying
to catch elusive mirages…


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