Angel Whispers…


glistening emotions
shimmer forlorn and lonely
on obsidian cheeks
in the gasp of insomnia,

to trickle down
cornflower blues at morn
to sequin the face
sleeping turquoise bay

or pepper prismatic dewdrops
on lips of shy rosebuds.

flamingo dawn
sheds feathers of cerise,

camouflaging mixed palette
of feelings, to don
serenity of swan plumage.

a drowsy sunflower
dozing on
drooping stalk of lethargy,

awakens to wet caress
of fingers of morning mist,

to wear photons
in its smile of scented whimsy.
as simile of a love-song.

of evanesced dreams
lingers as lunar sigh on azure,
to whisper
fancy of the angels
in the silence of citrus morn…


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