Endless Wait of Hope…


cappuccino stains,
blotched on sensibilities
on table-cloth naivete,
sneer at chiseled flower-vase vanity
with a crimson rose-bud
held within porcelain embrace.

sublime candle
weeps wax tears, trickling
down melting contours,
with incandescent wick
of eternal optimism aglow
in hope of lost love~
trying to imitate
serenity of moonlight.

dust filmed frames
hanging morose with sepia gaze
on psoriatic walls
doze to lullabies of ticking
ancient grandfather clock,

old, dogeared calendar
hangs as remnants from
long faded yester-years,
when days held intrigue
within clenched fists.

the array of bone china cups
with coffee dredges
staining their emptiness,
reminding of creeping
moments of endless wait,
within a derelict sigh
of relentless, phoenix hope…


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