Relentless Woe…


sewing sequin tears
unto night’s benevolence,
with starlight threaded
into the needle
of hope~

I sought
to borrow fake smiles
from sparkle of glowworms,
the constellations
strewn carelessly
over drowsy river at dawn,
and the daisies
etching ebullience
onto the face of quietude.

but my woes
were like wet blankets
weighing down carefree skies,
the graffiti
painted on clouds
now but streaks of mascara
~drab and colorless.

life once
mellifluous as
the lark’s vibrant strain
is now discordant
as raucous cacophony
of ravens cawing
to breech sanctity
of a silent morn.

haunted by my own shadows
chasing elusive mirages
etched by treacherous sunlight,
going nowhere in
a riddling maze of
concentric circles of despair
I scribble my inadequacies
on cemented indifference
of mute walls.

plaster peeled
heralding ruin by angst
leaving my writings illegible,
I then wrote them
on withered flutters of fall,
to allow vagrant wind
to blow away my grievances,
only to find them
rot to humus and stink
with unwanted reverie.

the remains of dead leafage
in reluctant fingers,
I burnt them
scattering the ash in air,
only to let it sting
my eyes forming tears anew.


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