Obsidian Thoughts…


an extrovert dawn
with versatile shades~
an amalgam on palette of hues
–each a syllable whispered
in ears of nascent daylight
to compose a sonnet
of variegated colors.

stars sequined
on ebony obscurities,
brocaded into
effulgent constellations,
elusive yet healing hope~
oft strung into
garlands of
scented oneiros.

of fireflies’ winks,
piercing blackness
of tainted night~
sweet fragrance
of blossoming
sprigs of night jasmine
filling optimism
within veins and sinews
of nocturne.

sunshine poured
on snow-crowned pines
frostbitten and shivering
in the faint light
of wizened winter dawn~
coffee-lorn morning
yawning caffeine
into realms of
marshmallow lethargy.

pearl aglow
in oyster’s open womb,
the seed of moon,
is tranquil benediction
of moonbeams
on earth~
spawn of a love-story
celestial, ethereal…


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