nostalgia~ vignettes


periwinkle skyline
fringes turquoise waters,
vermilion of retreating lights
blends in night’s mascara,
sequined poetry echoes
on indigo velvet quietude~

stardust of reminiscences
like dewdrops on rose,
glisten as fireflies
winking in hourglass stolen
minutes of respite.

of wisteria scribbled
like calligraphy on crepuscule,
revive the phoenix
of defunct memories,
those buried
within forgotten caskets.

an elusive transient image
sepia with time,
is vibrant in its shades,
as I relive the past
caress of maternal warmth,
lullabies rhapsodized
on dark nights of insomnia.

made sweeter by
feeding fingers of honeyed love
woven peacock feather hopes
burnt by cruel hands
of kismet.

with moisture
of sentiments glistening
in aster eyes,
with smile of a love re-felt
I close the casket
of cherished faded yesterdays…


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