morning moon

a sliver
of nocturne erased moon
lingering like
a chalk-etched arc
on the grey face
of nascent morn
soon to blossom
in vermilion
splattered with
versicolor moods
of the oxymoron palette~
seeking perhaps
to usurp
throne of rising sun.

dawn sun

rose in rain

a rose-bud
yet unfurled, untouched
its fragrance hidden
beneath claws of sepals,
withered by
harsh showers of
threatening thunder-clouds,
its petals scattered
on muddy soil,
forgotten but
not quite in delight
of freshly crayoned rainbow
and elusive dance
of a peacock
adorned in nature-spun
crochet of dreams.

rainbow n' peacock

autumn nude trees

the angst of
disrobed once-verdant trees
their rustles muted,
blossoms stolen,
song-birds migrated,
left morose and defunct,
is diluted by
the flood of colors
amber, yellow, burgundy
and burnished golds
quilting erstwhile drab
in verses of vibrant hues
~indulging in love-affairs
with a fickle nutmeg breeze.

autumn leaves

rain and sun2

the raindrops
still fall peppering greens,
browns and grays
of landscapes~
the water-taps of heavens
still left open,
a moody sun
seeks to defy norms,
as it glows refulgent
on dishwater blues,
snubbing angry tempest.


the taste
of chilled lemonade
sweetness of sugar granules
blending with citrus
flavor of fresh lemon
squeezed to appease
mixed feelings
of a connoisseur tongue,
with just
the hint of saline
to make it more


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