With years having peeled off
the trunk of existence
like scaling bark of eucalyptuses,
revealing ditch-water realities
beneath silver veneer of invulnerability~
naivete of the juvenile,
myopic fading eyes
find vision along with crow-feet
to acknowledge difference
between shimmering mirages on asphalted lies
and lilting laughter of
a brook benevolently quenching thirst.

Sandpaper mornings
seek to polish tarnished smiles
pasted on visages of insomnia,
as reminiscing hot delicacies from a table
long sold, I gulp down coffee
for both agility and anorexia,
while an angelic smile of innocence
embellishes my drab day in sequins of delight
to fill the emptiness within
with nectarine hope.

Follies of a careless youth
haunt tired days seeking reprieve,
trying to cram insides of racing moments
with activity, I search for oblivion,
for fulfillment in an insipid life~
singed , shriveled and battered.

Once where fluorescent dreams floated,
now umbras of pain fleet,
casting eerie silhouettes on days~
the clock beckons
me an automaton
bleached by circumstances
of hues, aroma and intrigue~
integral for living–as I keep existing
for yet another day
— a meaningless phrase
yet to be erased…

One thought on “Meaningless

  1. Dear Friend,
    I hear you crying in these words. Please know that every atom in your body is dancing, awaiting for you to dance with it.
    Look at the beauty of the tiny flower. Yes, every woman is one, just as you insinuated. Then, note the beauty in yourself. It starts as a tiny seed, and you, my dear, are but a wonder, yes, you are that flower, unfurling in blossoms. Your beautiful smile and endearing heart will be a blessing to many. May the Peace of God be with you.

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