Happy Endings…


Fairy tales are like fragments

of candy-floss dreams from realms of Morpheus,

concocting a kaleidoscopic delight

of fantasy and wistfulness,

to be savored by the gullible soul

with a faith in happy endings.

When the drab realities of life

its harshness, scars, bruises and emptiness,

make living an insipid chore

and dejection makes breathing tedious,

then some stolen moments

with a dog-eared treasure of magical lore

rejuvenates and heals,

reviving the fading belief in happy endings.

Fairy tales are like conjurer’s sleeves,

from whence emerge,

the unbelievable, fantastic and amazing,

a flying carpet, a talking mirror,

a fruit of immortality, a castle in the clouds,

the wildest of imagination

germinating on the fertility

of a storyteller’s canvas,

and yielding these arms of fantasy,

the pragmatic is slain

to enhance the flavor of existence,

as a smile glitters

to define yet another happy ending.


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