Honeydew Winters


honeydew winters
herald in lukewarm filigree dawns
and days like firefly winks
brocaded on frozen lakes’ sighs,
while elastic nights
gape as chasms of insomnia~

under a preoccupied moon
drunk on liquor to ward off chill
as cuddled affections
within blanketed privacies
warm relationships
in shared treacle kisses.

brewed cappuccinos
are chilled by frosty whispers
of a wet fingered winter fog,
their passionate heat
a lukewarm leftover like the kiss
of amber embers dozing in
mute fireplaces at midnight.

flavors of citrus delights
spawned by winter’s fertilities,
are tasted in crisp dawns
adorning in sakura blushes,
onyx nights are like hot chocolate
coating tongues of insomnia,
in luscious dreams
under warmth of mink blankets.

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