Rain-Song Lyrics


tempest croons songs
in fluid syllables from azure,
as piano key clouds
adorn their bland lyrics
in symphonic notes,
and drenched sheepish leafage
joins in the echoing chorus.

grinning flowers
with faces peppered in raindrops
hum in fragrant whispers,
their soft voice adding consonants
to the vowels of petrichor,
while invisible fingers of rain
pluck petals from wet coronas.

peacocks spread
their dreams tapestried in silk
under whimsical strains of rain
etching potholes in musical rhapsodies,
and pattering on jigsaw cobblestones
to scribe their imageries
on dried flutters of tangerine fall.

raindrops splattered on
transparencies of window-panes
gather the stingy gold sprinkled
as photon-dust by Midas tempest sun,
to adorn in rainbow idiosyncrasies
and liquid fantasies,
while a grey tinted cerulean canvas
is painted in transience
of shimmering spectral imaginations.

the raindrops sing
about the colors splattered
by versatile moods of fading twilight
and the cherry blossom
speculations of blossoming aurora,
of foliage conversations
moulded into poetry by tempest,
and roof tiles harshness
tempered into melodies by rain.


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