Flowers Whisper Secrets


roses waking blurry eyed
at crack of dawn
when an egg-yolk sun spawns
another newborn, golden morn,
have secrets to share
learnt from dewdrops sprinkled
by a retreating night,
about insomniac moon which
seeds prolific tides in pearls
and promiscuities of breeze
flirting with garrulous leafage.

lovelorn sunflowers awakening
when the sun deigns
to smile through versatile clouds,
have a secret in their laughter
while they bask in surrealism
of golden, volatile affections,
the hidden thoughts
of surreptitious kisses
of blushing dawns and wistful dusks,
the pain of onyx nights
and morose tempestuous moments,
are whispered by these gaudy blooms.

dahlias wear versicolor dreams
oft sequined in sunshine glitters
and brocaded in rain’s lyrics,
they are like children
who love to play dress-up,
with clandestine observations~
they whisper about squirrel’s hideouts
cricket’s strains and glowworms’ waltzes,
telling about tree’s chiaroscuros
and shadows in twilight’s gasp,
sharing secrets about nature
in murmured ambiguities.

cherry blossom in subtle pinks
wither within sighs of transience,
sharing secret of life and change
the only thing permanent
in existence is change,
these flowers momentarily scenting
sinews of azure expanse
before they pepper earth’s muteness
with their now stale fragrance,
reveal the changes wrought
by varied moods of time~
stressing on elusive permanence.


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