Bride of Decadence


Under un-made satin sheets
of unholy decadence
riddled with sneering wrinkles
left by my hasty fingers
trying in vain to erase
the past few hours,
smelling of musky maleness
and stinking perspiration
of unwashed bodies
under them lay hidden
the corpse of my innocence
as bud of chastity was crushed
cruelly into satin sheets
smeared with
blood of my deflowering
or is it the stain of
wounds of bleeding hopes?

in my eyes a half spun dream
of innocence takes
its last sighing breath
A love story ,
my incomplete love story
has died and my eyes
like barren holes,
dried of all emotion
staring into space vacantly,
fail to weep in angst.

I have no tears of regret
for its grave under unmade sheets
innocent in my adolescent years
we shared smiles
across windows
that faced each other
a mute friendship blossomed
and grew into a saga of love
with conversing eyes
that met across the windows
as I stepped into juvenility.

Promises never spoken aloud
but shared in caressing gaze
were fragrant in my soul, my life
making me forget my fate, my plight
when the time came for me
To follow my mother
in the market’ s boudoir
protest shrieked fell
on indifferent ears
my mother helpless
and old before her years
became the shackle
of my rebelling love.

today with unshed tears
swallowed, I became
a bride of the decadent night
my innocence was put on sale
for vultures in human form
as the flowers braided
in my hair were molested
by hands scalding ,
bruising my skin in lust
I burnt over the pyres of hell
my innocent love story became
a sighed wish of the past
and I became another bride
of decadent nights
with body for sale
as a living carcass…


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