Truck Driver’s Versatile Reflections…


siting in my self assumed cockpit
I measure the stretching elastic trail
on whirling tires,
never ending is this sojourn
except for when I siesta
on lumpy seats like the sun
taking respite beneath cloudy quilts,
or play truant as the moon
lolling over foliage hammocks,
to recline over hard jute charpoys.

I envy the sun and the moon
whose sojourn ends in timely fashion,
while mine ends to mood-swings of milestones
beaded along the gravel trail,
alone with my own company I befriend
the ditches and coal tar,
with diesel being my lifeline,
I must and I do race along
the serpentine road which goes
nowhere but takes me everywhere.

as that withered leaf of fall,
burnished and tinted in gold I am
the loitering gypsy destined to fly to
the moods of the wind of fate,
tanned and weather-beaten by life,
I ferry goods to their destination
going everywhere and belonging nowhere–

yes, I have a home somewhere,
beyond the hills in a tiny village where
my wife awaits my return
and my children grow without my love
I go there when the sun completes
on whole revolution to be
with them for but a small interlude
returning always to my real home
this endless, stretching road…


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