Shared Silences…


meeting you on
the abstract edge of horizons,
that dappled in graffiti
by lilac-tinted quill of eventide,
as an evensong of
muted syllables of color,
I found nothing to say to you
all those carefully rehearsed lines
before my patient mirror
were all suddenly forgotten.

you wore a simple red skirt,
but to me you were prettier than
the soporific poppy in
her scarlet pinafores of fragrance,
together we shared a silence
pregnant and strumming
with ambiguous notes of
bittersweet desire,
and versicolor innuendos.

seemingly we were alone
secluded in time and place from
the rancor of worldly bustle,
as the lethargic moments crept by
too mesmerized to race past
with inherent swiftness,
and as gazes conversed eloquently
in the taut tongue-tied quiet
we walked amid the wildflowers,
reveling in our togetherness.

we were content to just
walk together without talking,
apparently aware that
despite no promises shared,
and love confessed
there was a lifetime of conversation
left to be voiced in future
and now was the moment to
savor the quietude away from
the prying eyes listening to
butterfly wings of anticipation
flutter within a lovelorn soul…

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