Light the Fire and Listen…


with hearth ablaze
casting amber glow of
ignited embers,
in subdued light of
dying winter sun,
listen to subtle sounds
winter abounds in.

listen to the soft sussurus
of the falling snow,
quilting the streets and
breasts of cobblestones,
piling over pine trees
and painting rooftops sublime.

to the soft rhapsody of
boreas crooning into arboreal ears,
making leaves rustle,
fluttering softly in breeze,
hear the crackling of logs in
the blazing furnace,
as they seek with fiery whispers
to emanate warmth.

listen to pleasured sighs
when sipped coffee pours down
the throat in gush of heat,
and to the rubbing of hands
for keeping them warm,
to the rare showers
of winter rain that echoes
in fluid syllables of chill.

listen to muted sonatas
of virgin daffodils
with aureate smiles singing
softly in ears of breeze
with fragrant notes,
echoing in mellowed light
of geriatric winter sun.


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